i guess this is a picture of our wedding, i am stil trying to figure all of this out


So Russ and I just had our 1 Year anniversary. We actually at the cake my mom had been saving in her freezer for a whole year. Well Russ didn't eat it, but I did, and it was really good! We went to my family's cabin and enjoyed the beautiful summer turning into fall weather! We also had a romantic night of watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy . . . yeah . . . it was awesome.
I am not sure how this works, but i am trying it. Sarah, i think it is awesome that you have been blogging, my husband is all into it, and I never get a chance to get on the computer because he is such a computer geek. No I am just kidding, he is just a lot more technilogically advanced than I am. I just stick to my Harry Potter books, since we don't have TV. Russ gave me the set of HP books for christmas, so i have been reading them since, it has taken me a while, but now i only have a few more chapters left in book 6 and then i just have to wait patiently until the last book comes out. So I guess Russ and i have our nerdisms. Anyway i hope i did this right.