24th of July Weekend

We had such a fun weekend. Russ took Thursday off, so he, Lisa, her son Kai, my Dad and I all went boating up at Jordanelle. It was fun but since I am pregnant I didn't get to go skiing, and I could only go tubing for a little bit, because even when my dad was trying to be gentle it was pretty bumpy. Then we went up and stayed at the cabin.

Russ working his mad slalom skills! I am seriously so proud of him, he rocks for only having gone skiing about 7 times in his life!

Me and Kai rocking it in the tube!

Friday evening we went down to American Fork for my niece's birthday party / Page family 24th of July party. Halle had so much fun. She got to play in the water with the kids, eat cake and ice-cream, and help hit the pinata.
I love Halle's face in this picture. It pretty much sums up her mood for the day! YIPEEE!!!

On Saturday we just hung out at the cabin and then went to the demolition derby (sorry no pictures) in Kamas that evening. It was a lot of fun and just a great weekend with my husband, beautiful baby girl Hals, and our families.

Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House

Last Friday we went to see the new temple. Halle was such a good girl. Her favorite part was seeing the oxen under the baptismal font, she was so sad when we had to leave that room, she was saying "bye, bye cows." Her second favorite was the cookies at the end. It was fun to be together as a family in the temple.

To learn more about the temple click HERE.


Halle's Post

I am actually due January 3, 2010 the same day my good friend Laura is, pretty crazy! I find out what it is on August 18th, so I will keep you posted.

HP Nerdfest!

Yes I am a Harry Potter nerd, yes I went to the midnight showing, and yes I was dressed up as Dolores Umbridge. Oh man, it is so great to be out with the crazy fans late at night. Lindsey, Megan and I had a blast. We got there a little early and were really worried we were going to be the only ones dressed up, but the freaks, (like us) all started to show up and we took lots of pics and had tons of fun.
The movie was really good, a little different from the book and missing some things that would have been really cool, but oh well, I guess they can't fit everything in. Anyway enjoy my nerdery!
Sitting in our seats, getting excited for the movie to start!

That guy next to me was Hagrid, he was my favorite, mostly because he wasn't trying that hard, but he looked exactly like him!
Waiting outside the theater. Megan was Ginny, Lindsey was Rita Skeeter, and me Dolores Umbridge.
This lady had an actual owl, so we took our pic with it! I love how she is hiding behind me. :)


happy 4th

Fourth of July was wonderful. Russ had Friday off, so He, Halle and I went to breakfast at Ruth's Diner up Emigration Canyon. We were able to sit outside, the atmosphere was divine and the food was delicious. After that we went to the Outlets in Park City and did a little shopping. It is always easier for me to buy clothes for Halle than it is for myself. We had fun even if i didn't get much.

On Saturday we went swimming with Russ's sister Jen's family at the Lehi rec center. Halle loved it! I had to hold on to her the whole time in the pool because she wanted to just swim & go do her own thing. After that we went back to Jen's house and had a BBQ and lit some little fireworks. Halle had so much fun with her cousins! My favorite part was the home-made strawberry ice-cream Russ's mom made, i am drooling just thinking about it! Anyway it was a good holiday!
Phoenix, Aspen, Papa Wayne, Halle, Morgan & Landry

Halle and her Mimi

I made Russ get that hat when we were shopping at the outlets, I think he looks really cute in it!
Russ was sweeping up the fireworks and with that hat on he reminded me of the chimney sweeps on Mary Poppins, so i made him dance for me! Oh how i love my husband!

God Bless America!