I'm sad their over but I loved every minute of them!

The Olympics are amazing! I can't get enough of them. It is such an inspiration to watch these people who have dedicated their lives to a sport and compete in the biggest competition in the world. I don't know if it is because I love sports or if it is because I love competition, but i love the Olympics. In a way I like to live through the athletes. I feel the joy of their triumphs, I feel the sting of defeat, I cry, I smile, I hold my breath with them . . . it's awesome.
Anyway here are some of my favorite moments from the games.
Gymnastics. Our girls and boys were awesome!

The incredible, unbelievable swim by Jason Lezak
(if any of you swim you know how freakishly,
imposible that was for him to come back from behind
and win on such a short swim!)

And of course my girl Logan Tom. The womens volleyball team
was amazing, they won the silver medal, so cool!
It is crazy to think that I was slapping Logan's leg
during high school volleyball games,
to leave a big hand print on her leg (and visa-versa)
and now she has an Olympic medal. Awesome.


Happy Birthday Ana Julia!

My little niece had her birthday today. She was so bummed that is was on the same day school started. So I though I would give her her very own blog post! We just wanted you to know how much we love you and think you are beautiful and so smart! Happy Birthday Ana Julia!
I love this picture of AJ, she loves little Halle so much!


Lindsey got married 8-7-08

So Lindsey is now Lindsey Miles. They got married on a beautiful HOT august day. It was a lot of fun and I am so happy for them. Here are the pictures from the temple. I didn't take any pics at her reception, but I will get them soon.
The happy couple.

My pretty baby girl.

Halle and her Daddy

All of Halle's cousins on my side.

As you can see we are wearing the same skirt, crazy right?
Not only is it crazy that we are wearing the same skirt,
but it is even more crazy because her name is Lacey too!
She is Brody's half sister, we had to get a picture.


Nose woes

In my lifetime, I have been hit many times in the nose. the other day I once again got hit in the nose. And when I say I get hit, I mean I really hurt my nose. so here they are listed all the times my nose has been under fire.

1. In first grade we would "race" on the parallel bars that came out of the ground (do any of you remember that?) Tara and I would usually do it, we were pretty competitive girls. Anyway one of the times I kicked my legs over instead of landing on the ground my legs swung under the bar, followed by the rest of my body and my face came around and hit the other bar. Yeah it hurt really bad, first time to go to the nurses office.

2. I was at McCall Bateman's house with my sister Lani (pretty much my second home growing up). Lani had one of those huge Swiss Army pocket knife in a pillowcase. I asked her if I could see it so she swung it over to me and BAM! right in the nose.

3. Christmas eve, our family always drove around the neighborhood to look at luminaries. I just ran in the car without shoes, so when we got back I was hurrying in because my feet were freezing, ran up the backstairs and wham my face hit our glass sliding door. My sister was standing in front of the handle part so it was open on the left of her and I ran up the stairs on the right and didn't know the door was there. I fell right back down the stairs. OUCH!!!

4. Sports - i don't know how many times I got kneed, elbowed, uppercut right to my nose.

5. Russ and I had just got married and moved into our little old house. We were painting our bedroom and had the door off for a few weeks. We finally got it finished and put the door back on. So in the middle of the night I confidently got up and walked to the bathroom and totally smashed my entire face into the door. After that one my nose hasn't been the same and is really sensitive.

6. Yesterday, I was putting a bunch of books back on Halle's shelf and that pig clock was on the very top shelf and fell down and smacked my nose right on the bridge. It hurt really bad and it didn't help that it was Halle's nap time and she was crying and being difficult.
Later that night I was teasing Russ in bed and somehow connected with his elbow right in the same spot the pig clock hit.

So there you go, my nose woes. Sorry if you can't understand some of my stories I tried to shorten them the best I could. I'm thinking I should go see an ear nose and throat specialist my nose is getting more and more crooked.


Playing in the sprinkler

I would take Halle out with me when I would water my flowers. She had an immediate fascination with the hose and what was coming out of it. I let her touch the water and it sprayed in her face. Instead of freaking out, she totally laughed and loved it. So I took her out to just let her play in the water. We had just fertilized, hence the towels.

Cute little cheeks!

She would stick her finger in the hole and stop the water,
then when she let go it would spray all over both of us.

So mischievous, but so cute!


Check it

I am sure most of you haven't checked Nannettes Blog lately but you have to check it out! Here is a link Nan


Smile, Black Eye, 24 of July

We had to get some pictures of Halle smiling with her cute teeth.

You can't really see her black eye in this picture.
I tried to adjust it so you can tell, anyway, it is under her right eye.
My niece Aspen's birthday is on the 24th of July,
so we always go down to Russ's sister Jen's house
to celebrate that and Pioneer day. We had yummy burgers
and delicious homemade ice-cream (so good!!!)
Aspen is the one with the pink shirt and jean knee length shorts.

Halle is so patriotic!
Halle was acting a little sad that day,
so Annie tried to make her feel better by putting a crown on her
and giving her some baby dolls.
She LOVES baby dolls and she LOVES her aunt Annie!