Pool Time

On Wednesday I had this great idea to take Halle to the pool. So, I got in my suit, borrowed a suit for Halle from a neighbor, got sun screened up, grabbed some towels treats and juice and was out the door. We walked the long walkway to the Tennis Club entrance, got inside and the guy gave us a funny look. I asked "is the pool open?"
He said, "no, well it is just for swim team."
me: "when does swim team use it?"
him: " 4:30"
me: "oh, i guess i should have called first"

Ok is it just me or is it freaking hot outside and anyone in their rite mind who has a pool, has it open? What the H tennis club, open your pool to the members who are paying out the butt every month when it is summer. Ok, maybe i am just mad because I was an idiot and assumed the Tennis Club was open.

Halle kept saying "swimming!" because i told her we were going swimming. I felt so bad so I went to ShopKo, bought a $6.99 blow up pool for the back yard, and set it up. Best 7 buck purchase of my life. Halle can't get enough of her pool, and the water. Who needs the Tennis Club when you can have your own pool in your back yard!

I love her face in this one, sorry it is so off center, but this girl doesn't hold still.

Lisa's kids came over friday and they had a blast with the slip and slide and the pool. Halle wasn't affraid of getting wet that is for sure. She would run down the slip and slide, fall and just giggle about getting water in her face. I was so proud of her. Hose water is freezing!

After a long day in the sun this is what four kids look like.

Halle and Laina have a love hate relationship. As you can see in Laina's face while they hug.


Memorial Day Weekend

We went up to my parents cabin this weekend. I love going up there, it is so peaceful and beautiful and the air is just so refreshing. It was a little rainy, but that made everything really green and gorgeous. Halle loved being at the cabin, except for when she had to go to bed.

Reading books in the car.

Riding four wheelers, Halle kept saying, "weeeee"
These pictures are at the pond feeding the fish.
Halle was so cute throwing the fish food in, most of the ones she threw only landed on the road below her feet. She is such a cutie!