Christmas Eve Traditions

Russ and I are very lucky with our families Christmas traditions. My family has more Christmas eve traditions and Russ's does more on Christmas day. So we don't have to be running around trying to get a little of both in.
Halle opening her baby doll from Grammy and Grandpa! Russ couldn't get that thing open fast enough, Halle really needs to learn some patience! I wonder where she gets that from?

Christmas PJ tradition. My Mom always got us new jammie's for Christmas and we would always want to wear them before Christmas, but she would never let us. They all look so cute, even though we couldn't get the babies to hold still.I love Christmastime! I think it is so magical, and it is just getting more fun and excited with my little Hals. She liked Christmas because she got her new baby dolls. We spent the night at my parents and opened presents in the morning.

I was lucky to get this shot of Halle, she was walking that baby in her new stroller all over the place, she wouldn't stop for a picture! She is such a good mommy!
Daddy making Halle laugh!

This was pretty funny, Lani and I got "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" (harry potter stuff, yeah we are nerds!) and . . .Russ and Kevin got "The Dark Night" on DVD. They were making fun of us in this picture if you can't tell.I used a different camera at Russ's parents house, and I don't know where my cord is, so I will be posting those later.

P.S. Halle is doing better and we are just hanging in there until she gets all the way better.



"Dehydration happens when HALLE's body is losing liquid."

So, we spent last night at Primary Children's Hospital, helping our little Halle control her fever and help her dehydration.
It all started on Christmas day, Halle got a little fever. Her little fever kept getting worse and worse as the day went on. Oh and she had had diarrhea for the past few days. Anyway as her fever got worse she wouldn't eat anything and hardly had anything to drink. So we treated the fever and the next morning she felt better and was playing with her new Christmas toys. We got in the car that afternoon to go to a lunch with friends. (it was so good to see all of you who were there!)

When I got back, Halle's fever had come back with a vengeance and she was totally lethargic. We decided to go a clinic that night. We went and saw a doctor at the foothill clinic. He told us she wasn't in danger yet, but that if she didn't get fluids in her she would probably get to that point. He sent us to primary children's. We headed up there and didn't have to wait a minute. They weighed her, took her temperature, which was 104, gave her some Motrin to reduce her fever, and took her to her room. When we got there 3 nurses a doctor and a resident were all in there helping our little baby. I knew everything was ok, but I didn't want to be there when they put in her IV. So i left to go to the bathroom. when i came back they had tried on one of her hands and hadn't gotten it in. So they tried on the other hand. I was there holding her legs. They sat there trying to get it forever and couldn't. My poor baby felt crappy enough and they didn't get her IV in until the third try!

After all of that (4 hours later) Halle started feeling better and and her fever went down. They found some bacteria in her urine sample so they gave us a prescription for an antibiotic. Told us to give her A LOT of liquids and keep her fever down with Motrin and Tylenol.

It was a rough night but we got through it! Halle was such a good girl and I just want my little baby girl back! She woke up this morning wanting a bottle, which is good, but her fever is back so we will be treating it and just hoping she gets over this fast!

She loved watching Elmo on Russ's iPhone. Yay for youtube and yay for iphones!


Future BFF's

Halle and her cousin Laina are 5 months apart. They are learning how to play together and Lisa and I are saying "oh cute" pretty much the whole time. They are so cute together, until someone wants something the other one has. I love looking at pictures of them together and know that someday they will be such close friends.
I LOVE this picture. Halle is pretty good at posing and smiling for me! To bad there is a huge camera flash in the background.

Just like her Daddy, closing her eyes.
This was at Kai and Naya's preschool Christmas presentation. They loved the music.


Holiday Sweater Party . . . HILARIOUS!!!

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! It was so good to see all of you guys and missed everyone that couldn't make it.

I think I belong in the 80's! My hair is just normal but it totally works. Russ has the Cousin Eddie getup from "Christmas Vacation" so good!
I think Mary looks like a Mom in her sweet vest, and I love Ryan's entire look, classic! And if you click on the image and look closely, there is a picture of me from 8th grade inside the snow globe! I'm pretty hot!
The awesome host's, and their scandalous "mater'de" man thong! so funny!
Chelsea, Adam and Jessica. They all brought the best gifts for sure!
Jessica and her soft porn shoot. Love her face.
Cute Mike and Laura. I think Laura had the BEST ugly Christmas sweater for sure! Mikes Jacket was pretty sweet as well!
But, Lauren and Mike took the cake i honestly couldn't look at Lauren without busting up laughing! The mom jeans, bangs, lipstick, vest . . . it was all too much! And all I can say about Mike is that I was glad Halle wasn't there!Thanks Lindsey and Jon for hosting and thanks everyone else for all of the great laughs!


A Mother's Intuition

Halle's favorite food is spaghetti. It is my go-to meal when I can't think of anything to make. Oh man am I glad I decided to take off her clothes before this meal!Say CHEESE!!!


Parka's and Party's

This Saturday Russ woke up and got to work cleaning out the garage in preparation for the forthcoming snow storm. Halle woke up and wanted to be involved in all the snowy glory. So I got her all bundled up and we headed outside. She loved being outside with her Daddy and in her cute snow gear. I love her little face in these pictures.

That night we had a party with some friends. It was a blast, awesome food and games and hilarious white elephant gifts.
Life size Beyounce'

The coveted "pimp stein"

My awesome gift, yes I think my gift was awesome, I even ended up with them, adult size footed pajamas! So amazing! The best part was when Matt put them on and stuck his hands in the pockets and pulled out a snotty Kleenex, tears of laughter were flowing around the room!

And last of all Russ' gift, lemon jello and a baby ruth never looked so gross!


Win a Baby Sling!

If you want to win a baby sling here are the instructions straight from the modmum baby sling website. My favorite sling is the emma.

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We will announce the winners weekly! Good Luck!


For the big day we . . .

Halle and I took some delicious Mini's Cupcakes to Russ and then went to lunch with he and his co-workers. We went to Pat's BBQ. it was good, true southern BBQ, which was a lot of smoked meat. We accidentally gave Halle some really spicey beans. She was screaming and we couldn't figure out why until we tried them. It was so sad because we were trying to get her to eat something else so it would stop burning, but I think she didn't trust us. I finally just gave her one of my ribs. She loved it and thought she was such big girl!
(smiling for the camera)

Russ wanted to go to dinner with his parents and my parents. He picked Rubio's. He loves that place! Anyway it was a fun day and I love my Russell so much!


Happy Birthday!

I love you baby!

(i picked this picture because it shows how much fun we have together and how freaking hot my husband is all sweaty and dirty!)


Happy Thanksgiving . . . for some of us.

Halle got sick on Thanksgiving day, right after dinner. My sister-in-law Jen was holding her and she just suddenly puked. I took her and was walking her into the bathroom and she ralphed again? It was so sad. She threw up a few more times so Russ and i decided to leave early.

I'm going to have to say worst day to get sick EVER!, that kind of sick anyway.

Poor baby girl. At least she went to bed early and woke up feeling just fine and slept a lot today.

She got a bubble bath with daddy today too, She is so cute!


Twilight . . . The Movie

Spoiler Alert

Ok so last night a bunch of girls in my neighborhood and I went to a midnight showing of Twilight. I totally enjoyed myself and liked the movie. Some of the girls I was with were kind of disappointed and I have also read some reviews online of what fans have said. The majority of people are saying they were disappointed and didn't think the movie lived up to the books. All I have to say to that is,

"No Duh!"

I am sorry but it really bothers me that people are thinking they are going to see the exact things they were imaging in their head when they were reading it. Stop taking it so seriously, it didn't really happen, just watch the movie and know that it is just someones interpretation of the book.

Another thing is that these books were written for teenagers and i am sure most of the people who are disappointed are 30 somethings who aren't married or dating anyone and forgot that we were talking about a 16 year old falling in love. Of course it was going to be cheesy, over the top, dramatic and sometimes dumb, that is how you act when you are a teenager "in love."

Sorry I will get off my soap box. I guess I am no better than the people who are ranting about how their first kiss wasn't in her bedroom, or how they are bugged that charlie and Bella went to dinner at the diner?
(yeah get off it people, it's a movie not your fantasy come to life!)


Darker Hair

Ok so when i saw this picture of me . . .

i decided i needed to do something about my hair. I just felt like it was not looking good and ever since i had Halle, it has lost some curliness, anyway i decided to go dark and i like it. It was a much needed change. sorry the picture was from my laptop i am trying to give you fierce!


Lover her!

I just wanted to say how awesome Halle is for being the perfect baby for me. She is such a good sleeper and sleeps in until 10:00 A.M. Which means I can sleep for as long as I want. I put her to bed at 8-8:30 and she sleeps for 14 hours.
I get to bed pretty late because Russ is a night owl and I am such a light sleeper that it is hard for me to go to bed before he does, i usually will just lay there. Oh and for some reason Russ is also a morning person, I don't know how he does it? I need my 8 hours of sleep or else I just don't function. Honestly it blows my mind, how can Russ be up so late and then be singing in the shower the next morning?
Anyway, I am just glad that Halle will sleep for so long. It does mean a shorter nap in the day but oh well. She is just so fun to be with (when she is not tired) that it is ok!

Oh and I have to tell the cutest thing she did the other day. I was making dinner and she was right under my feet, so as I was getting something out of the fridge I gave her the loaf of bread, there were only a couple pieces in the bag. Anyway she did her thing while i cooked and when i turned to see what she was doing, she had gotten the pieces of bread out and put them in a pot that was in a cupboard and put the lid on. It was just so cute how she was making her dinner.



Family Photo's

We had our pics taken by the wonderful Katherin Wallin of Wallin Photography. Halle was not having it that day, not one bit, so she isn't her cute adorable self. Oh well, we tried.