Not such a good idea

On Thursday, Russ called me and told me our good friend Mike Evans called him and asked us to play for his co-ed softball team. Russ told me that he told Mike that I was pregnant and probably shouldn't play, well if any of you know me, I don't like to be told I can't do anything. So I told Russ to tell him I wanted to play.

So there I am almost 6 months through my pregnancy and I am playing softball. They put me in as catcher which was fine with me. After a few pitches some girl on the other team nicked the ball and it came off the bat and hit me square in my big forehead right above my right eyebrow. Talk about instant goose bump. Well I was fine and we kept playing.

I actually did pretty good at bat, it was running to first base where I had problems, I totally made it to the base and then tripped and fell. Let me tell you when you have a belly your balance and running groove are just not the same as they used to be. I was fine when I fell and kept playing on.

After the game, i noticed that my lower abdomen felt really tight. we drove home and when i got out of the car, i couldn't stand up straight and I could barely walk. Russ had to help me move around. I had totally pulled a muscle in my stomach. it freaked me out, because it was in my stomach and i have a baby in there. I felt the baby move which was very comforting. she was kicking me like normal so I wasn't too worried. i called my doctor and they told me i had pulled a muscle and I just needed to rest and take Tylenol. But the problem was i couldn't move. I had to take work off the next day.

My cute sister's and my mom came up and spent the day with me. Helping me get around. so needless to say it was NOT a good idea to play softball that night, i should have lost my pride and listened to my husband. I am feeling much better, and so i am confident it was just a pulled muscle.

Oh and by the way Russ hit a home run that night, i was so proud of him!


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