Halle's "Pretend Birthday"

Halle has been telling me since September 26, 2011 what she wants to do for her next birthday, which was go to Cowabunga Bay. i was planning on going next week, but the weather was getting cooler and cooler so yesterday i decided we were going the next day, which was today. I told her she could only invite a couple people to cowabunga or have a big party at our house and invite lots of people. Halle wanted to take her best buddies, Claire and Laird Larkin and of course her best friend Miller.
The girls! Halle wanted to hold up 5 b/c she is turning 5. She is so cute!

The boys!

I love this girl! 

That face is what makes it all worth it!

She wanted a Hello Kitty watch really bad.
side note,  my cake unintentionally matched it. :)

She got her purple scooter! Yippee! 

The gang. Ha ha, can you see miller in the pile of towels? He was freezing, that kid has no fat on him so even if it's warm outside, he gets cold when he is wet. 

Don't judge me too harshly on the cake, i made the frosting and decorated it in about 20 min. 

I am a sucker for spoiling my children and I was glad i could pull off a fun birthday party in less than 24 hours.  Her actual birthday isn't until the 25th, but i can't believe this girl is 5, not because of how old, but because of how mature, smart, and especially how amazing she is with babies that she is only 5. She's my babe!