Lately . . .

So, lately I have been a little busy and have hardly had time to check my email, let alone check all of your blogs, let alone sit down and write one. My little sis, just pointed out to me, that my last post (which wasn't much) was on the 10th and today is the 26. WHAT?!? Crazy. So anyway, here is what has been happening.

~ I got a new part-time job (I am still a full time mother) working from home, online, for a company called zonder.com. It is fabulous because I can work my 20-25 hours a week when I want. I only work when Halle is asleep, so I don't miss any mommy opportunities. Besides she would never let me just be on the computer without asking to see "big bird" or "elmo" or "Nawni" (her aunt Lani) making it impossible to get anything done with her around. But that is ok, being mommy is more important to me!

~ Secondly we found someone who wanted to rent our house and we had to move out in less than a week. Every day I would take a room, pack it up, clean it up and of course be mommy at the same time. My fabulous boss was so understanding and allowed me to take the week off, which was so nice, because I was working like a dog and felt like a ran a marathon every day! not that i know what running a marathon feels like, but let me tell you running up and down the stairs with big boxes, scrubbing, reaching, bending, lifting, shoving, pulling, all of that is a workout and with all the added stress of knowing I had to be out fast, fast, fast, was crazyness and I was exhausted at the end of each day. Oh and my awesome neighbor Tasha who was so nice to take Halle for a couple hours so I could clean my bathrooms! Thanks again Tasha!!! Seriously that was such a big help!

~ Thirdly we moved in with my parents. They were so nice to come up to our house on Saturday and help get the last few boxes and clean the last of everything, that I wasn't able to get to during the week (which was a lot actually). So after we got everything out, we had to pack it into my parents basement and make us fit. We are all moved in now and everything has been going well. It has been nice to have my mom to help with the little things, and of course good dinners!

So yeah, that is what I have been up to lately. If you wanted to know.


I can dream can't I ?

I love this adorable bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. I would love even more if I had the sewing skills to be able to make my own. The next time I do Halle's room this is what I want to do.


Lights at Temple Square

I know it is a little late, but I've got nothing else to blog about and these pictures are pretty cute. We went to see the lights at Temple Square with Russ's co-workers, right before Christmas.

I was at my Mom's before we went and we were not getting out of her house without at least 5 layers each! I am not saying I didn't want them, it was freezing that night and I wanted my baby to be warm. I wanted to be warm too.

Anyway, Halle was totally like that Randy kid from A Christmas Story, "I can't put my arms down!" She loved it though she was walking around and when we tried to put her in the stroller she really didn't fit, I had to shove her arms in. Sad!, but I was glad she was warm!