Little Mommy, Dear, and Draper Days

Halle got this cute doll from McCall Cannon, she LOVES it. I showed her how to give her a bottle the other day and she tries so hard to do it herself. It is sad because she gets really frustrated already, she makes these little grunting noises because she can't get her doll to get in the right position. It freaks me out that my almost 10 month old has anxiety already!

This is what we saw the other day in our neighbors backyard.
This photo was taken through our bathroom window.

We went to draper days and watched the fireworks. Halle was pretty tired so we actually left early and then pulled the car over when the fireworks started, and got out to watch them.


Russ's Third Love

Russ love's playing, watching, talking about and just thinking about baseball. He loves it and it makes him happy, so it makes me happy. I am so glad that Lani's hubby loves baseball too and is now on Russ's team. Now I have a friends with me for the 3 hour long games!

This is how far away we have to sit so we can be in shade. . .
it is so HOT, I don't know how they can play in the heat.
We can't see much, but we watch when Russ and Kevin are up to bat.

Daddy's number 1 fan!


Happy Birthday Mom!!!

My mom is the most wonderful, woman in the world. She is the most selfless, loving, caring person I know. She would do anything for me and I love her so much. We have such an awesome connection. Not only are we a lot alike, I swear we can read each others mind's. There have been numerous times when I have gone to visit my Mom and have been thinking about, let's say her sugar cookies, and when I get to her house she has made some. Crazy, I know but it's true. I hope that us being so much alike means that I will look as good as she does when I am her age. She is the most beautiful 60-something I know.

I love her so much, and have finally gotten a glimpse of the love she has for me through having and loving Halle myself. And Hello look how freaking gorgeous she is!!!


Stand up!

a little play time...