The Lateset

So I went to the doctors today, and am a "tight 3" dilated and still about 60% effaced. My doc told me if I haven't had the baby by the 3rd he will induce me. So if i don't have the baby sometime this week I will be having him on the 3rd. It was kind of crazy to schedule when my baby will be here, but exciting too. If anyone has any advice on having a newborn with a 2 year old around, I am all ears!


Merry Christmas!!!

Just wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! I still have a baby inside me! hopefully it won't be too much longer that I can say that, but I will let you know when he is ready to come out! It is kind of cool to be expecting during this time of year. If I don't let the pain and uncomfortableness get in the way of my thinking  I can think about Mary and what she might have been thinking knowing she was going to bring a baby into the world. Her baby was going to change the world, mine will most likely just change mine, but it is still cool to think about.


The Wizard of Oz & Thanksgiving

Halle watched "The Wizard of Oz" with Russ a couple of weeks ago, and has been really into it ever since. I found her the other day watching it in my laundry basket. She somehow got into the laundry basket and was using it as her chair. Pretty cute, so I decided to share.

For Thanksgiving we went to Russ's familys get together. Halle loved playing with her second cousin Jaxon. They were so funny cuddling on the couch and kissing! it was cute, but makes me a little nervous about the future. I guess if she is anything like me i don't have to worry about her kissing boys for a while! ;)
Four Generations


Happy Birthday Russ!

Russ had his Birthday on Dec. 5th, which was Saturday. We had a family party that afternoon, I went christmas shopping and then that night he and I got to go to dinner and a movie. He is the best husband ever and we went and saw New Moon on his birthday.
Thanks Russ, you are the best! I love you!


"Wow that's cool Grandma"

A few weeks ago, we had our first snow. When Halle woke up and came upstairs she went straight to the window, looked out at the falling snow for a second and then said, "wow that's cool Grandma." My mom was sitting on the couch reading the newspaper, we both thought it was the cutest thing.
So, I put on her coat and gloves and found some boots, which happened to be a few sizes to big and we headed out. She loved walking in the snow, except her boots were so big they came off a few times, but she had a blast anyway. Here are some pics from the day.



For Halloween, we went to our ward Party and then Trick-Or-Treating with Grammy & Grandpa (my mom and dad) Lisa and her kids, and Lindsey. Our costumes were pretty good I have to admit. Russ was a Ghostbuster, Peter Venkman (Bill Murray), I was the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and Halle was Slimer. Everyone who hadn't seen the movie thought i was in the navy and Russ was in the army. oh well, i thought mine was clever because i didn't need to stuff my costume i am already "puffed."

Look at my cute little Slimer! She didn't like her green hair at first, but she loved it by the time we left and kept showing everyone her "silly" hair.

Grammy, Halle, Naya, Lisa, Laina & Kai (with his transformers mask on)
Halle & Laina were so cute trick-or-treating, they wanted to hold hands between houses. We had to carry them a lot because it was taking forever, but man are they adorable!
You know you are proud of me for wearing white sweat pants and a sweatshirt while pregnant. Let me tell you I looked good!
Side note for any of you Napolean Dynamite Fans. Jerad & Jerusha Hess, writers and Director of Napolean Dynamite, Nacho Libre and now Gentlemen Bronco's live in our ward. For Halloween their family dressed up as Napolean Dynamite characters. This is a picture of Jerusha dressed as Napolean, in the actual suite from the movie. She was hilarious, she was even talking like Napolean.


Happy Birthday To Me!

Yesterday was my birthday and for it we went to dinner at Fong's in Draper with our families and a couple friends. Thanks everyone for coming! After dinner Russ's Mom and Dad were kind enough to take Halle so we could go see a movie. We went and saw "The Invention of Lying." It was ok, but I don't recommend anyone go pay money to see it. It was kind of blasphemous. Anyway it was a good day, thanks for all of the birthday wishes everyone out there in cyber world!

Halle helped me blow out the candles!

Oh yeah, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


Being Pregnant and Potty Training Halle

* Warning, a bunch of rambling and complaining . . . read at your own will.

I am 30 1/2 weeks pregnant, crazy, and have been feeling pretty good. I just wanted to list a few of the fun things that come with being pregnant for the second time, with a toddler and a part time job.

~ Seriously, sore, loose, painful joints. By far the worst thing I am going through. I don't know what is wrong with my body but I feel like an 80 year old woman that can barely stand up after sitting or lying down for even a short while. It is sad, and very painful.

~ Heart burn my good friend. We have been close buddies these past weeks, milk has been my companion to ease the burning this pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Halle, soda/carbonation did the trick.

~ Pokey baby. I think this little guy has really pointy elbows or something, because when he kicks and pushes and pokes it kind of hurts.

~ Breathing space. I don't know what it is but I feel like my lungs have absolutely no room. I mean I am carrying this little guy really high, but I carried Halle really high and don't remember feeling like I couldn't get enough oxygen in my lungs ever.

~ Numb belly. Does anyone else get this, the top of my belly, right under my sternum gets totally tingly numb feeling all the time, especially when i am sitting for a while.

~ Exhausted. It is tough enough taking care of a seriously active 2 year old not being pregnant, but being pregnant has really tested my endurance. Especially with the sore joints, it is so hard to keep up! I just feel so exhausted all the time. I have to keep reminding myself that I won't be pregnant when the new baby comes. I will be exhausted no doubt, but not pregnant. Good thing i live with my Mom who has been absolutely wonderful in so many ways!

~ Swelling. Now I do have to admit I was much more swollen when i was pregnant with Halle, but it was the hottest summer ever and i wasn't running around with a 2 year old all day. I have only gotten swollen in my ankles a few times, but boy does it being back scary memories of how swollen I got with Halle.

Not to mention I work about 15 hours a week from home, so I don't have any Lacey time. I get to watch "So You Think You Can Dance" and that is about it, so I usually stay up late with Russ just to get to spend some time with him. Oh well, all in all this pregnancy hasn't been too bad, I really don't have much to complain about, even though that is what I totally just did. :)

Potty Training

Today was the first day Halle took off the diaper! She did perfect. She went #2 in the potty twice and #1 in the potty about 4 times. All of this was after her nap around 4:30 until her bedtime around 8:30. We will try it again tomorrow and see how it goes. It is funny because she doesn't like anyone to be in the bathroom with her while she is going. She kind of gets stage fright, so cute! I am so proud of her and don't doubt she will be out of diapers completely very soon. It is so amazing how smart she is! Love her.


Picture Tag

This is for you Lar.
The mission:
Open your first photo folder.
Choose the tenth picture.
Tell the story of the picture.

This was actually at Laura and Mike's "rehearsal" dinner the night before their wedding. It was a wonderful dinner at the Hidden Valley Golf Club. Russ and I were dating but planning on getting married later in the fall. I think Russ looks really young in this picture. I, on the other hand, look smokin' hot. and i am being serious, i look good compared to now. It is amazing what having 1 kid and being pregnant again will do for your confidence, not feeling so hot lately. :(

I tag
Lindsey (my sis or little)


Party Time!

This Sunday we had everyone over to celebrate Halle's birthday. Can I just say I have the best family! Halle has never been so hyper in her life, she loved having all of her cousins over, she was in heaven. She didn't really like opening presents because she wanted to just play. Here are some pics from the party.


Happy Birthday Halle & Our Trip to Lake Powell

Halle turned 2 on the 25th! She is such a big girl! Unfortunately Russ and I were in Lake Powell, relaxing and soaking up the sun, well, I guess it wasn't too unfortunate. We went with Russ's co-workers and their wives and had a really good time. My Mom and Russ's Mom watched Halle while we went and each gave her something to make her big day special.

Here are a couple pics from our Lake Powell trip and also when we gave Halle her present from us.
I told her to stand by her present so i could get a picture, she just sat right on it. :)

So excited about her new bike.
Lake Powell . . . ahhhh, so beautiful!



Las Vegas

For our Anniversary and for our last time on vacation before having baby number two, we decided to go to Las Vegas and chill by the pool, eat good food, and just do nothing. It was great to have Russ all to myself and just have fun. We missed Halle a ton and can't thank my Mom, Russ's Mom and Aunt Annie for watching her while we were gone. Here are some pics from our adventure.

All of our pictures were taken by Russ, so sorry we are so close. This is us with the strip in the background. We walked a lot and my joints and hips from being pregnant were SOOO sore, but we had fun.

Instead of going to a show we both wanted to see this Titanic exhibit, it was really cool.

For our big dinner we decided to go to Bobby Flay's MESA Grill. It was so good and we really enjoyed our meals!
A little baby belly shot, sort of making fun of how full I was after eating here!
We stayed at the Mandalay Bay, because we heard their pool was awesome. We couldn't spend too much time there because it was so hot and Russ just burns if he is in the sun even with SPF 55 on. This is my hot, white hubby in the wave pool. He was so good at body surfing, I was jealous.



My camera's batteries died and i haven't replaced them in a while. So when i plugged it into the computer i was happy to see these fun pics from when we went boating with Russ's family, and to Wheeler Farm with Lisa and the kiddies.

Halle and Mimi. It was freezing that day, hence the sweatshirt.

So cute sittin' on her chair, she also had to have "grandma's baby" with her all the time.

Uncle Nick is always taking such good care of my Halle girl, the whole family does really!

Halle driving the boat.

Don't worry we were just parked in the driveway.

She is such a silly goose!

Here we are at Wheeler farm.