Ok so i feel like my belly is getting bigger and i don't really know if it is growing at a normal "twins" pace. So last night i looked up some photos of women at 25 weeks with twins and i got more then i was ready for.
so here is my picture at 25 weeks with twins

and here are a couple i found online that seemed about right and about where i am. 

And then i saw these pictures of women 36 weeks pregnant with twins, and about shiz a brick!

am i going to look like that???

Oh.  My.  Gosh.  I am.

That first one still gives me chills.

anyway i just had to share. I have been thinking a lot lately about how rough these next couple of months will be. I am a nesting fool and trying to get everything done before i look like a freak of nature and can't do anything. :(

OH and if you have any suggestions for names, feel free to share, i just feel like nothing is good enough for my babes.


Baby A and Baby B

I realize i haven't even posted about what the genders of my babies are. I know i have posted it on Facebook, but i might as well do a post on here.

My baby A is a boy, and is on the bottom.  He likes to poke my bladder. He is pretty gentle about it but i think he is pretty smashed down there so i basically just feel him bumping into my organs. My baby B is a girl and she is on top. I think she has more room and likes to play around doing flips and summersaults. I am absolutely thrilled that i am having a boy and a girl. I can't wait to meet them and discover their little personalities. It's funny because i always thought i would have a boy next but as soon as i was pregnant i felt like it was a girl. BUT every time i thought of names or anything i kind of thought it was a boy too? I was so confused because with both of my other pregnancies i felt like i knew what i was having right away and this time around i felt like it was a girl, and then i would feel boy  too. i was confused but once i found out it was twins, it made more sense.

Anyway i went and had an ultrasound done today. I am 24 weeks today and the boy is measuring at exactly 24 weeks and the girl is measuring 24 weeks and 1 day, so they told me you can't get more perfect than that. They also looked at my cervix on the ultrasound and the doc said it looked "gorgeous." I don't know how you can call a cervix gorgeous, but i was happy to hear it. I have been so blessed with healthy growing babies and a gorgeous cervix. Hopefully the pregnancy continues to go well.

And i have to have pictures on my blog. A couple weekends ago russ had a campout with the scouts, (0 degree temps, NO THANKS!!!) anyway i asked my parents if they wanted to go stay at the cabin and they were happy to join, even if my mom and i didn't get much sleep. :) it was fun to be up there in the winter wonderland. The kids loved playing in the snow.

 bed head is always at it's best at the cabin!

 The cabin had huge icicles hanging from it

 "I can't put my arms down!"

 Isn't she so cute!