So I think Halle has the best family support ever! Her aunts and uncles, grandma's and grandpa's absolutely adore her and her cousins just love her as well. We are so lucky to have the best family's in the world, whom we know love and support us so much and would do anything for us! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!


1 Month Old Today

Halle is one month old today. Can you believe how fast time goes by? She is doing really well, and Russ and I are doing much better after spending a week at my parents house letting them help us out! She is sleeping much better at night and we are just loving her more and more. She just gives us grief from 9-12pm. I think she gets gassy. I don't blame her, everyone know's I can relate!
Here are some pictures!

Landry sure loves her new cousin Halle.
Russ is all tuckered out from being a new dad.
Halle loves her Aunt Jen!
Bath time with daddy! Halle loves the bath as long as she is in the water!
This is Halle at one month.


Pictures of Halle

Here are some pictures of Halle. Mostly sleeping and taking a bath. Obviously she doesn't do much else.

P.S. I guess the only time 's I have taken pictures with her Dad is when he has his shirt off, which really hasn't been that many. I don't know he was trying the whole skin on skin thing.