Disney #2

More Disneyland Pics, these are from Russ' phone.

first tim eon Peter pan, we loved it!

greatest day of his life

my boys!

probably my favorite picture from the entire trip. 

they are really best friends, i love them so much!

this kid acted his age for sure in the lines, he was wild! a lady told us she remembered us from a different ride because we kept saying "miller" "miller" "come here miller" "don't climb on that miller" "stop bugging the people miller" it's ok though, he is 3, what do you expect?

family photo with mickey

the teacup ride was broken but they did have this teacup sitting here for pictures. cute kid.

peter pan again!

Halle wouldn't eat until she got to talk to princess aurora.

miller said, "i wanted chip to hold me" ???

one of miller's favs, the autopia ride

miller was all a flutter when minnie was kissing him. 



As a lot of you know, b/c of instagram, we went to disneyland with just Halle and Miller and had such a good  time. it was honestly so relaxing not having 2 babies to think about all day long. It was heavenly and very needed and i am so glad we did it. We couldn't have don it if it wasn't for my awesome family, especially my Mom and Dad and sis Lani, who lives with my parents right now. Thank you so much!!! 

here are some more pics from the trip. 

Mater's junkyard jamboree!

Radiator springs racers, first ride of the trip, i wish i had gone again!

she's just cute

Mr. Potato head talked directly to Halle, he said "hey you in the stripes" it was cool. 

love this pic

he is actually looking at me without making a goofy face

this is a really flattering sunglass style on me . . . not

A Bugs Life Ride

the caterpillar was hilarious!

that cotton candy makes Miller's huge head look small. 

we wore them out good!

this was probably the kids favorite part. The wilderness explorers camp, (you know how Russell, from the movie 'Up' is a wilderness explorer) this is his camp and the kids can just run around and play. we loved it

waiting for the Dumbo ride. My kids like watching dumbo, i never liked it. 

Halle wanted purple. You can see miller's head, right behind russ' left shoulder

Halle and her Beef Jerky

Halle on Space Mountain, she is so brave, the whole time i was regretting taking her on it, but she just said she didn't really like it and it kind of made her scared. love that girl!

we loved the buzz lightyear ride, we went on it more than any other ride. 

Sleeping Beauty's Castle and Halle's beef jerky. 

on the buzz ride

i love this kid! 

we were dumb enough to take our kids on the haunted mansion ride, we went straight for the Winnie the Pooh ride after.

on the jungle cruise. 

On the winnie the pooh ride

Halle like getting pictures of all the characters just not with them, which i was fine with, we never had to wait in lines. 

Miller loved "driving" all the cartoon's cars in Toontown

their faces show exactly how lame chip and dales treehouse was. 

I love peter pan and miller was pretty excited to get a picture with him. We saw him everywhere. 

Halle and her Churro's they were the first thing she asked for once we were through the gates. 

my love bug

their lunch came in this awesome lightning Mcqueen thing, from Flo's V8 Cafe, totally worth it! they ate everything too. 

Disneyland 2013

lol i told halle to make an excited face, still cracks me up

we were so bummed that the muppet theater thing was closed. I had to get a pictured though, Halle loves the Muppets.

Halle's favorite ride, Monster's Inc. Not sure why but she loved it.

Halle and Daddy watching Goofy conduct the fountains. 

Miller was 1 inch too short for quite a few rides. he had the best attitude about it and told russ "that's ok, i just want to be small" love him!

The last seconds of our disneyland vacation, we waited in line to go on the peter pan ride one last time before the park closed, the ride broke down when we were about 10 people deep in the line, it was pretty disappointing but what can you do.