President Hinckley Tribute

My cute husband has given president Hinckley a wonderful tribute by putting all of Pres. Hinckley's talks from General Conference, while he was the prophet, on his blog. So if you would like to check them out all in one place, you can click here.


Eat. Rice. Good.

I didn't want to go to sleep. I cried and cried. Mom then said to dad "I think she might be hungry and can't get enough milk right now." Bring on the "real food."


Stand up, Stand up, Stand up and take a bow...

Halle turned four months old yesterday...


It's all coming back to me now . . .

So my dearest Halle can pull her binky out, no biggy except for when we are in the car and she is tired, that is the only time she can get cranky. My tried and true method of calming her is singing to her. The Christmas songs were so great because i knew the words, and they were pretty soothing. The other day we were almost home and Halle pulled her binky out, started getting fussy and so i turned the radio dial to find something i could sing along with. then i heard it, Celine Deon's ("Salon Dalon" - for you laura)"It's all coming back to me now." Incredible rocking out tune

I was totally rocking out, and i am not sure if my what calms Halle is my voice or if she is trying to fall asleep so she can't hear me? but it works every time.

I wanted to blog about it because it made me think about my highschool girls and the good times we had rockin' out to Celine Deon!



Here are some pics from Christmas
Halle in her PJ's her Grandma Mimi (Russ's mom) made.
These are all Halle's cousin's in their PJ's.

Me and Halle squinting in the bright snowy sunshine! you know I look HOT
Halle and Russ getting warm by the fire while I was picking out the Christmas tree.
Russ and all his toys, and yes our house is like a winter wonderland.