P-A-R-T-Y??? cause I gotta!!!

It's Halle's first birthday so I gave myself permission to go overboard.

So excited!
Everyone wanted to help.
Camera duty!
Make a wish . . .
Piggy cupcakes, yum! i love Morgan's face!
Ana Julia's face is priceless! I guess she didn't want to be interrupted.
I had to remind Phoenix not to eat the wrapper!
We let Halle go at it. She just would stick her finger in and lick it,
but she eventually got into it!
I love how she put her leg up, she was full and satisfied!
It was a great first birthday piggy party! I just have to say thanks to all of my family for all of your help and gifts and love and everything! love you guys!


Happy Birthday Halle!!!

I can't believe my little girl is one. Crazy!!! Russ kept reminding me of what we were going through a year ago, very unpleasant memories. It is so amazing that my little Hal's has come from being such a small dependent thing to such a cute little independent baby girl! I love her so much and love being her mom.
She started walking when she was 10 1/2 months. I never posted about it, sorry.
She is a jabber mouth and it would be my greatest wish to be able to understand her.
She is so smart and points to what she wants and can understand me so well.
She gives the best slobbery kisses, and hugggies!
I love her so much!
I tried to find pictures that i haven't posted yet. Sorry I chose a lot.

so funny! so cute!

That's my Halle girl!


We had a fabulous time in Lake Powell this last week. I used to go to Lake Powell every summer, but I haven't been for six years. I have known Russ for six years and he has never even seen our boat. SAD!!! Anyway, we went with my fam, my two sisters and their families and my Mom and Dad. It was so fun and Halle did so good on the drives and while we were there, we definitely need to take more vacations!
Halle LOVED playing in the sand.
She also loved putting sand and mud in her mouth, blagh!
Russ was playing hard the whole time we were there.
He was definitely in his element!
I thought Hal's would like a boat ride,
she didn't like her life jacket and so she didn't like the ride.
I found Halle in the hallway lounging on the sleeping bag
with a bag of goldfish. So cute!
Russ and Dale on the tube,
they didn't blow up the part that goes under their bums,
so they were totally riding on the water, ouch!
I think they had fun though!
Halle and her Daddy swimming in the water. Halle loved the water!
All in all, such a good trip. It went by so fast, I am so sad it's over!


3 years married, 6 years of friendship

Russ and I got married around the same time of year that we met (September). Our friendship is our best quality and I love him so much.
It is crazy to stop and think that I have only known Russ for 6 years, and that we have a baby and are married and live together. Crazy but so wonderful!
I am still whooped over Russell, he can vouch for that. I always want to be as close as I can to him. Maybe it's because he isn't the cuddling type and I know it kinda bugs him, but either way I love him. ahh me, always loving to push others buttons, but it's just to get attention.
I used to say how our dating story was sad and depressing, but now I like to look at it kind of like a "Notebook" story. We just had to be together in the end. We tried being apart, but didn't like it and chose to be together.
Russ I love you so much!