I have a Baby!!! and the Best Husband

Hello everyone! So I have been a little crazy and unable to get on the computer and thank you all for your comments and encouragement.
So yeah . . . I have a baby and haven't slept for 5 days, been crying and smiling a lot, but I have to tell you all that I have the best husband in the world. I would not have made it these past few days without him. He loves me and takes care of me and he helps me to feel like I am capable of this extraordinary challenge of being a new mom. I love him so much and love to see him with our new baby.
It has been quite a whirlwind of emotions and figuring out this baby thing. Breast feeding is the most challenging thing in the world, ad trying to stay sane on no sleep is really hard, but it has been so rewarding to have my baby sleeping in my arms and just looking at her perfect face, which looks so much like Russ, it is crazy!


Halle Rae Page

That's my name.

Halle Rae Page. My dad has already been calling me Halle Bear.


Curly Sue

Nope. My name isn't Sue, but here's a little view of my curls in my new 'do (well, the curls of what hair there is). You should be able to click on the photo for a closer view.

I'm only minutes old here, which is why I'm laying on the scale. Mom was still across the room getting sewed up after my noggin passed through, and my dad was snapping so many photos he might as well have been a tourist.

New video

My dad made a video of me. I think he should spend more time coming up with a name.

I may not have a name, but...

I may not have a name yet, but I've got the cutest hiccups, and I like to stare at my dad when he holds me.

Would someone please tell my parents to give me a name! They've been calling me all sorts of things, and I guess just none of them have stuck yet. You think you're anxious? I'm still just "baby Page."


new baby

I'm trying to get some visuals online, and the hospital has controls in place that won't allow me to upload videos . . . grrrr.

I also left my cord at home that allows me to transfer my photos . . . oh wait, light bulb! My computer has a camera on it.

- Russ

4:12 a.m.

First let me just say I have no idea how you ladies can push a baby's head through the birth canal. I'm still literally in awe of what I saw this morning.

Lacey was a champion. She pushed for 2.5 hours before the doc came in and performed an episiotomy so our little girl's head could push on through to the other side.

Naturally, she began life with a head of curly hair, and it is absolutely darling to see on an infant. She's got my hands because they're HUGE and Lacey's little chin (we both think she looks more like dad). She's only 90 minutes old, but singing calms her, and she really likes to lay next to her mom.

8 lbs. 7 oz.
20.5 inches long
Born at 4:12 a.m. almost 48 hours after Lacey's contractions began.

We're all exhausted.

- Russ

A little video

No baby yet. Here's a little video though . . . I've taken over Lacey's blog for the time being. Wha, ha, ha, ha, ha.


Baby update

So, it's 12:53 a.m., and Lacey is dilated to a 9 plus. She's almost there, but her body (she) is being stubborn or something. The doc originally thought it would be 10:30, but she has been moving along slowly...bring on more caffeine.
Hi girls. This is Russ. I just wanted to give you all a quick update on Lacey.

Lacey woke up yesterday morning and started having contractions, but they eased up throughout the afternoon. They got intense again last night and were very frequent, so we went to the hospital at about midnight and got her a nice little shot of morphine to dull the pain.

We came back to the doctor this morning, and she was dilated to a 3, so we went to Costco for a walk and came back tonight and they admitted her (at a 4 plus).

They since broke her water, and she just had an epidural.

The best part so far?
I think the best part of this whole experience (thus far) was last night when I dropped her off at the main door before I went to park. I sped off pretty quick because I wanted to hurry and when I got back to the main door Lacey was bawling. Because I sped off so quickly, she thought I left her her at the hospital to fend for herself. (Must be the hormones).

UPDATE: 6:51
She's now dilated to a 5.


New Car

So we got a new car yesterday. We are excited about it. It is our "hip mini-van" for our new family. It's a Scion xB. I didn't really like it and didn't really want it, but once russ told me the gas mileage and safety and how roomy it is he convinced me, and I like it. It is just nice to have a new car that actually works and will be great for our little family.



Here are a few pics of the nursery. It's pretty cute if I do say so myself.


Single Digits

Wow can you believe it? I have made it to the count-down of single digits to my due date. I am large and in charge and I am just waiting to get any sign that I am going into labor. Nothing really happening, but everything is looking good and right on schedule. Russ, is getting excited as well, telling me to take my cell phone wherever I go, be where people are, and he is always asking me if she is still kicking and moving, and just being a good husband. Anyway I will keep you all posted and let you know if anything is happening.


Nursing Bra

Hello all! So as you all know I am getting ever so close to my due date and I need your help! I need some advice from all you moms out there. What nursing bra or bras have you found that you like, if any. I have tried a couple on and . . . yeah they are struggles! So I thought I would go straight to the source and ask people I trust. At least hearing what you like about the ones you have found will help! Thanks all, and I will keep you posted on when that baby comes!


Zucchini Bread

Does anyone have a good Zucchini bread recipe? My mom gave me a zucchini from a neighbors garden and I want to make bread. Anyway if any of you have any suggestions you can comment it to me or email it to me.


Happy Birthday Laura and Megan

Laura and Megan are two amazing girls, and two incredible friends. I am the luckiest person I know because I can say they are my friends. I have so many wonderful memories with these girls.
Laura - September 1st
Junior High, checking out Rob and just boys in general, making bead necklaces with your fam, laying out on the tramp, Highschool going running, talking about everything, going to the cabin, running through the sprinklers at sugarhouse, and every other crazy thing we did together.
I love you Laura and am so grateful for our friendship. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Megan- Sepetember 8th
I remember meeting you in Junior High, but not getting to know you until Highschool Basketball, which we totally rocked, the good times in the pooh van, stalking boys in the suburban, shakes at shivers, late night talks, bowling.
College: carrying "pretty" up to yoru dorm room on the third floor, driving to sacramento, working at Jerry's, football games, being best roomies ever.
I have so many fun memories, and I can't thank you enough for your friendship. I love you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY



So Russ and I were married two years ago, September 3rd. It is crazy how fast time goes by. I love Russell more than I ever have. He takes care of me, he makes me laugh, he impregnated me, and everything else in between. I am so excited that he will be my child's father, seriously, I think he will be teaching me how to take care of a baby, I am SO lucky!!! Russ has more passion and more ambition than anyone I know, and he lives life with purpose, he does what he wants to do and he soaks in as much knowledge and experience as he can. He is a wonderful husband and will be an amazing Dad. I love you Russell!!!