my new world

being a mom of 2 newborns, a 2 year old little boy, and a 4 year old who is going on 18, has been an adjustment. like most moms, my days and nights are pretty much completely dedicated to the well being of my children. Now they have always been, but with 2 new borns around things are pretty crazy and i can barely come up for air unless someone else is around to help.

The nights have gotten better, Harvey is sleeping longer but i guess, when i say better i am only getting up 1-2 times a night instead of 3 -4.

During the day i am in  survival mode, my 2 older ones have gotten more mischievous and more determined to get away with whatever they can because mommy is tending to babies needs. I am sure it's because i don't give them much attention, unless you consider yelling at them attention. :(  i feel terrible about it, but the lack of sleep makes me an impatient crazy person. 

anyway i am at my moms a lot and Halle actually is a really good helper, she is amazing with babies. she knows exactly how to hold them and understands their weight and is just really good. i don't think i got her by mistake she truly is made to be a mommy. Miller is sweet, like usual. he is just a 2 year old so ya know.

But i can't complain too much, my kids love me, i love them and we are healthy. life is good, i can't wait to find our more about my new babies personalities. Harvey is super smiley and coos and gurgles at me all day, he has blue eyes and is going to be blonde. Pepper, is super chill and smiles sometimes. she sleeps like a champ during the night and i think she will have brown eyes and brown hair.

Anyway, my life with twins has been pretty crazy but doable and i need to go to bed!