Christmas 2011

I hope you all had a fabulous december. I know i did. These pictures aren't in order, but here we go. 

Christmas day was spent at my sister and brother in law's with all of the Pages. We ate, we played and opened presents, it was a good day. Best presents were these adorable masks and cape's made by Aunt Deni. My kids had been wearing them ever since. THANK YOU DENI!!!

For Christmas Miller got die cast Mater, Lightning McQueen and Finn McMissile cars. It was the best day of his life, he hasn't been napping since because he just wants to play with his cars all the time. My mom gave them to him, i am grateful but wish he never got them, he seriously won't nap. 

Halle fell asleep on me it was really sweet, doesn't happen, so russ had to snap a photo. it was about 4 in the afternoon too.

Miller and his cars, he loves them, seriously he tells me, "i love my cars"

Halle got some Calico Critters, she loves them too, but not as much as Miller loves his cars.

Here are Halle and Miller in their mask and cape. We told them to pose like super heroes, this is what they came up with. My kids are cute.

The park by my house is so awesome. They lit up a bunch of the trees so we didn't have to go all the way downtown to see Temple square. The kids loved it. we went a couple of times and they were in heaven.

We went to my sisters to make gingerbread houses out of graham crackers. It was fun to be with everyone and the kids got to eat tons of candy.

I love this one of Crew, he looks like such a tough guy.

Christmas Eve was spent at my parents. We ate home made cafe rio, and the kids opened presents from my mom. She said, i think i went a little over board this year. It was fun and the kids were in heaven. Here is Halle and Laina, best buddies in their christmas jammies.

All the grandkids, we will be adding at least 3 more next year, my 2 and Lisa announced she is pregnant with her 5th!!!

This was Miller opening his cars, he was speechless and just kept saying, "oh, oh, oh."

Miller sure loves his papa. He just cuddles all the time. 

This is christmas morning. Halle woke up before Miller so she organized all the gifts. She was so excited, she told me, "i think santa is real" it was so cute.

opening gifts. Miller just wanted to play with the cars he got the night before.

Is he not the cutest thing ever, look at those eyes.

And this is what i got, a new camera, it was a surprise, as you can see on my face. 


Funny Twins Stuff

Twins humor...

Dude, I totally hear what you're saying.


Picture post

Russ was going through some random CD's and found some photos from a cruise we went on a couple of  months after we got married. I LOVE this photo and am so glad he found it. I just wanted to share. 

We moved. We are in our cute little house Russ bought and proposed to me in those 6(ish) years ago. The kids had a hard time transitioning for the first week. Miller kept asking where Grammy was. I was wondering where she was too. I still miss having my mom so close. We call each other almost every day, which was never the case before. This pic was when we picked some flowers from our garden and the kids wanted to show Papa. I love Miller's cheesy smile.

Halle's Preschool went to a pumpkin patch for a field trip and Miller and i got to go too. It was so fun, the kids loved it.

This was the shirt i made to wear at my friends Halloween party. About 20 minutes after i made it Halle stuck a wire in a socket and burned her hands. I thought the T-shirt was pretty cute.

This is Halle in her halloween costume, and with her bandaged burned hands. Poor girl. She was Ruby of Max and Ruby.

Anyway. i have been super tired and thus lazy, so i haven't been keeping up on the blog. I guess these random posts are fine, most people just like seeing pictures anyway. :)


Seeing double . . . (updated with details)

yeah, i didn't believe it either. 

Ok so i found out i was pregnant in the end of september. I was going to tell people at Halloween time by wearing a t-shirt that said "i grow people, what's your super power?" It was cute, but since Halle burned her hands my plans changed. Anyway i didn't know how i was going to let all of you know, and then i went to my doctors appointment yesterday. 

Now Russ and i always think we are pregnant with twins. While i was waiting at the appointment Russ called me (he couldn't come because he had to teach a class down at BYU, and come on, it's our third so whatever) anyway he calls and says so is it 2? I told him i hadn't even seen the doc yet, and i would have called him. Anyway the doc walks in and i explain to her that was my husband and he was all worried that it's 2. I told her we always do that. 

She does the exam and tells me that i feel and look normal and she thinks there is only one. She gets out the ultrasound machine and the first shot is what you see above. I didn't process that it was 2 until she said, "oh you were right, there are 2 WHAT!!!, ARE YOU SERIOUS??? No it can't be. The shot above is of both of their heads. Then she proceeds to show me each of their little bodies and heart beats. That was incredible and i am so sad russ wasn't there  to see it. I was still in shock so i didn't  enjoy it as much as I should have. 
Here are each of the babes profile of their bodies. 

Needless to say i was totally overwhelmed and in shock. I have always feared twins and never thought Heavenly father would give them to me. But i guess He knows better.  I called Russ right away and he obviously didn't believe me, we had been joking about it since we found out i was pregnant. I sent him a pic of the ultrasound and he kind of freaked out. He got loud and said, i am going to call Jen first. (his cute sister who has twins) then he called me back and was still not sure i had told him the truth, he was asking if we actually saw 2 heart beats, honestly, he is such a guy. Then he said, "i have to call my mom" and basically hangs up on me. I called my parents and they were in shock too.  We are all in shock around here, but excited as well, it is pretty special. 

I feel like i have been blessed with 2 incredible children who sleep through the night, sleep for 12 hours, and one is a little mommy herself and my Miller is my sunshine who brightens my day. they will be the best older brother and sister of twins i could ask for. OH man i am going to have 4 kids under 4. it will be crazy but wonderful too. 

My due date before it was twins is May 30, so i am guessing the will come end of April /May of next year. I have been super lucky with the sickness, i don't throw up, i  just feel like i want to all the time. And have been super tired.  Other than that i am doing well. I will keep you posted.