Race for Humanitarian Aid

Russ asked me to share this link. He didn't want me to say this, but his company donated the website, and it is pretty cool! Whether you want to do the race or not, I thought I would share.

Here is the link




Last weekend Russ and i dropped the kids off at his parents and headed up to Burley Idaho to participate in our first Spudman triathlon together. We have been psyched to do this race since January. It was so fun to get away with Russ and have this awesome experience and to accomplish this together. The race went great. I had 3 goals i wanted to accomplish and i met them all so i was pretty proud of myself.
Goal 1: Finish in under 2hr 30 min
Outcome: My final time was 2hr 28 min

Goal 2: Finish within the top 20 for my age group.
Outcome: I placed 17th in my age group

Goal 3: Beat Russ . . . he he he
Outcome: I did, but only by a few minutes. But i was way proud of him. I trained way more than he did and he did amazing! I wish i could be like him. He can just do amazing feats without much preparation. I needed to train from January until now to have been able to do it.

Anyway unless i am pregnant or have a baby i would love to make this a tradition every year. It was a blast!
view from my window as we drove to our motel.