Millers Birthday Party

We celebrated Miller's birthday last Sunday. Russ' mom was in Hawaii the week before so we waited until she was home (still jealous). It is so funny how for Halle's birthday i had been planning for months and had decorations, a cake and invitations and party favors for all the cousins. This time around i started planning on Saturday and only bought a dozen balloons, which were all totally on the ground on Sunday, so we hung them from the ceiling fan (so pathetic, but the kids loved them anyway). As for Millers cake i couldn't decide what to do. Miller LOVES phones so i made a phone cake. He also can Moo like a cow and Bark like a dog, so i made cow and puppy cupcakes. It turned out to be lots of fun even with very little planning. I can't believe my little guy is 1. He is so darling and i still can't get enough of him, even though he is into EVERYTHING and has started climbing EVERYTHING!
All the cousins love helping Miller open his presents.
The phone cake!

The guests

My sis and her cutie baby Taye! He and Miller are only 4 months apart!

Silly Laina and Naya!

Miller eating his Cow Cupcake.

isn't he so cute!

Just like his dad, closing his eyes. I still love that he will smile for the camera. Halle still won't.

opening presents. Halle was a big helper!


Christmas 2010

Luckily my parents always do a big Christmas Eve party and Russ' parents do a Christmas Day tradition. So on Christmas Eve we had a turkey dinner, it was so yummy! Then we watched a movie, hung out a little and then the kids were begging to open their presents! Of course they got their traditional Christmas jammies from Grammy. They all looked so cute! 

 Here are 6 of the 8 Grand kids. Lani is quarantined in her house with her new born baby because of RSV risk, so she couldn't make it up for the festivities. We sure missed having her and her cute family there. Don't they look cute!
 I love this baby boy!
 My mom spoils these babes, they all got a gift and some books.
 Miller got some big legos in that cute wagon and Halle got Pooh bear and  Pooh Bear book and Princess puzzles.
 Christmas morning.
That morning Halle came into my room and asked if she  could get in bed with me. I asked her if she wanted to go upstairs and she said no. she snuggles next to me and then a minute later she asked, "Mom, are their presents under the tree?" I said "Yes" and she ran upstairs, it was pretty cute.
 Halle and all her gifts, she was pretty excited about everything, especially her singing Aurora doll.

After we opened presents we headed over to the Pages for our traditional Christmas Breakfast. Denille always outdoes herself, with breakfast casserole, muffins, waffles, cinnamon rolls, hash browns and hot chocolate, so good!
 I think Miller looks a lot like his uncle Alex, what do you think? He loves all his uncles!
 And yes, that is another huge goose egg, poor thing.
Mimi is so smart and got Miller his favorite thing, a phone. He loves it!
 doesn't Halle look adorable in her Jammies and new boots!
Mimi made Halle a princess pillow and got her the set of the "If you give a mouse a cookie" books, we have read at least one of them every night since. She loves them! 

I love my family's and had such a fabulous Christmas! It is so fun having little kids who get so excited, it makes it magical again!


Decorating the Tree and Mischievous Me

Halle Loved decorating the tree this year. There were about 25 ornaments all on the same level, it was really cute! I love that girl!

 And this little Miller man is into EVERYTHING! my mom was cleaning out the fridge and we found him inside of it. The door was never closed, but still that guy is so fast and so mischievous. He is pulling down a bowl full of glass ornaments one second and the pulling a plant out of the pot from its roots the next, then eating the dirt of course. The only problem is he is so freaking cute that he can just give you one of his smiles and you aren't mad, at all, in fact you are picking him up and he gives you a hug, and your heart melts so you forget what he just did. He is crafty like that. I sure love him though!


Dance Recital

Ok, so i struggle. I couldn't get any of my pictures onto our computer since thanksgiving. I asked Russ if he could figure it out, it took him about 30 seconds. :(  so you will be seeing some posts from the past.

Halle had her first Dance Recital in the beginning of December. She was so nervous when we got into the auditorium and the nerves didn't go away until the last 30 seconds of her final dance. She was the one that just stood there and didn't dance, but i couldn't be more proud of her. She got up on that stage and just stood there, i think that takes more guts than doing what everyone else is doing. :) that is how russ and i look at it anyway. It was precious!

 I don't know if you can see the look of "what the heck is going on" in her face, but that is what she was thinking.

 That is her adorable friend Stella in the big red Tutu. She is such a sweety and is in Halle's ward and Joy School and Dance Class. She danced so well!

 That is Halle thinking "why are you touching me? i don't know you"

 She was mostly looking around watching the other girls dance. It really was so cute, and i need to get the video on here so you can see her. She also wouldn't wear a tutu, a skirt, pig tails, or anything. I got a pink bow in her hair and green bows on her tap shoes, and that was it. Which i am fine with. She just stood out like a thumb in her light pink tights and leotard and just standing as still as a statue.

 That is her cute teacher Miss Julie.
 Afterward we went to breakfast at Over the Counter. It was delicious. I love my kids!