Let October Begin . . . oh wait it's almost over!!!

October is the 2nd busiest month after December in our household by far. We have 2 annual friend Halloween parties that are always awesome, my bday, and Halloween.

Halle has been on a Wizard of Oz kick since last November when she saw it for the first time. We got her Dorothy "slippery's" (as Halle calls them) and the movie for her for Christmas. I also threw a Wizard of Oz birthday for her and now we are doing a Wizard of Oz themed Halloween.

Here are some pictures. from our first party.

 Those big brown eyes get me every time!!!
Don't tell me that isn't the cutest lion you have ever seen!!!

And here are some shots from our second Party. The second party is adults only, so Russ and  i went as the "Wicked" Witch and the Scarecrow from the broadway "Wicked," pretty clever eh? ;-)  badum ching!

 Here is the whole crew, minus Cruella Devil, who had to come later. And yes that is Mugatu from Zoolander in the front with his lover Katinka ... whatever her name is, such a good costume, and they are also the fabulous hosts of this awesome party!
 I did put my green makeup on for this party. I didn't have it on for the other party, I was worried i would scare the children.
 "if i only had a brain"
 We played some fun games and everyone's competitive side came out. Russ always accuses me of being super competitive but he was tearing girls wigs off and throwing elbows in one game, he is just as competitive as i am, but hey that is one of the reasons i love him, he gives me some competition.


Perfect Day

Today was an amazing day as a mother. Miller took a nap from 9:30am until 1:30 pm. So awesome, and all day i didn't get in one fight or mad or upset with Halle. She was so good all day and helped me and did what i asked. 

There was a point when we were heading out the door and i couldn't find my shoes, i knew Halle had been wearing them around the house and i asked her where they were, she told me she didn't know. i was getting frustrated because i was going to be late. She came running in and said "Lacey, its ok, i just don't want you to be mad at me." And i didn't want to be mad at her, it had been the perfect day, so i wasn't and decided to find some different shoes. She is truly an angel, and i love her so much. (ps i also love that she calls me Lacey)

Miller, what can i say, that kid lights up my life. My everyday joy and happiness is multiplied by 100 because he is in my life. His smile and hugs melt my heart and i get them all day long! 

It was a wonderful day and i just had to let you all know how much i LOVE my babies. They are mine and they are wonderful!

P.S. This photo was taken a while ago with Russ' iphone. i LOVE it!


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