4th, awesome husband, puddle Jumping, and HP 7.2 3d style!

On the sunday before the fourth we went to Russ' parents for dinner and some DELICIOUS homemade strawberry ice-cream (seriously so good!). Russ put on an awesome (cheap) fireworks display that the kids loved! It was so fun!

see they loved it!
 Then on the actual fourth, our ward had their traditional breakfast and bike parade for the kids.

Not sure who's scooter that was but Miller wanted to get in on the action.
 The rest of the day was spent shopping, i got some killer deals at Carters, then the cousins came over and played, ate, and eventually watched the Sugar House Fireworks from our front yard.

Russ woke Miller up to see the show.
 My Russell is a stud. He did this 50 mile mountain bike race. I don't know if any of you mountain bike, but that is A LOT miles on a mountain bike! I was so proud of him for doing it. He has only owned a mountain bike for maybe 6 weeks and did so well. I was also so bummed, we missed him coming in to the finish line by 2 minutes. Oh well, at least he knows we love him!
He did it with our friend Kevin, who did an amazing job as well!

This is how dirty he got, it was the first time Russ looked "tan"
 Halle has been into the TV show Max and Ruby for a while and in one of the episodes they get all their rain gear on to go play in the rain. When it rained the other day Halle was all bout going out and playing. It was so cute to see her jump in puddles.

Last but not least i got to go see Harry Potter 7.2 in 3D with my sisters Lisa and Lani, and my friend Ashley.  It was so exciting. It was the end of the Movies, and i had gone to all the other ones with my sisters (when they didn't have babies). Lindsey and I usually went together dressed up. Now that Lindsey is in DC I didn't dress up, but was sad that  i didn't. The movie was really good. I love HP, you know that, and it didn't disappoint. The next night i went with Russ and i think he might read the books. He dug up my old paper back copies himself, so i am excited!
Yes that is me taking a picture of myself super excited!