"Murder at the Deadwood Saloon"

I have always want to do a Murder Mystery, and I finally did it. It was so fun, and awesome to see my family getting into their parts, lying, deceiving, all of that good stuff.
Here is a list of the Characters:
Lacey: Black Barbara; Outlaw
Russ: Jesse Wales; Outlaw
Steve: Harry High-Stakes; Owner of the Deadwood Saloon
Dale: Montgomery Money; Wealthy businessman from the East
Alisa: Minnie Money; Debutante and Montgomery's daughter
Lani: Banker Bonnie; Owner of the Deadwood Bank
Kevin: Clay Coldwell; Gambler
Lindsey: Holly Hickok; Gambler and southern belle
Brody: Mitch Maverick; Gambler

Russ won for best actor, he was really intimidating and scary with that mustache!
Kevin won for best dressed, he really did look awesome! (everyone looked great though!)
Brody won the Mr. Money Bags award (you dirty lawman!)
About half the people figured out who the murderer was.

It was so fun and I can't wait to do another one. I put together a little slide show of all the pictures. Thanks family for such a fun night!


Hail Highland High . . .

Russ sent me and email today asking if I knew Highland High School and Sugar House Park used to be a Jail? Honestly, what kind of Ram does he think I am? I told him that is why our colors are black and white. And I also like the fact that I talk about it in the present tense, once a Ram always a Ram!
He did send me a really cool picture of the old Jail, and I thought I would share it with my fellow Rams, and anyone else who reads my blog and likes to learn about random Utah trivia.

p.s. my dad just sent me an email with a pretty cool story. i will just copy and paste it below.

"Just read your blog (don't know how to comment there) and thought I'd tell you an interesting little anecdote. Before my mission I worked at a smelter (melted down different kinds of metal and poured them into ingots) and one day we had a ton of old aluminum toilets to melt down. When I asked where in the heck they came from I was told the old Salt Lake City Jail that once stood where Sugarhouse park is now located.

How about that!"
pps. my dad is the cutest!


What a weekend!

This weekend has been jam packed! On Friday we had an adult only Halloween party at one of Russ's co-workers house. Russ got second place for best costume! He is a little boy dressing up like a super hero. I wanted him to wear tighty-wighty's only, but he said that was immodest??? I was supposed to be Little Orphan Annie, but everyone thought I was I love Lucy. Oh well I do look like I love Lucy.
the co workers wives: me (annie), Tenille (fairy), Kristy (wendy)
The Co-workers: Kevin (tourist), Chris (Nacho Libre), Russ (little boy), Grady (The Burger King)

Saturday morning we went with Russ's family up to Snowbirds Customer Appreciation day. We got to ride up the Tram for free if we brought a can of food. It was so beautiful!

Halle loved that apple!!! i think she ate the stem, but I couldn't get it away from her to check.
Saturday night we had a party with some of Russ's friends he grew up with. This is why I was Annie, Halle had the cutest dog costume (thanks annika!) so I tried to think about what we could all be with a dog? and i thought of Annie, Sandy, and Daddy Warbucks. I got everything for Russ to be Daddy Warbucks, but he didn't like the bald wig so he did something else. oh well

My cute baby girl!


twilight trailer . . . awesome!

This is for all you fans out there that haven't seen this last trailer, it's longs and it's is really good, i am getting super excited! (ps thanks Hayley)

Twilight HD Exclusive Trailer


Proposition 8: Protect Marriage

I don't know a lot about politics, but I do know that I know about families and I want to protect them. If you haven't heard or don't know about Proposition 8 in California, you can go to this website and learn the facts and even sign up to help if you want. At least be aware of what is going on, it will affect you and your children or friends and family more than you know.




100 things

This is for you Laura
1. i love chocolate chip cookies

2. i especially love chocolate chip cookie dough

3. reading is hard for me, i start thinking about other things and have to go back like five pages, I
seriously can "read" five pages and not read anything. Harry Potter was the first book I didn't do that. But i am getting better and enjoy reading.

4. I am very picky about buying shoes, so i usually don't. (i wore the same pair of flip flops this summer that i wore last summer)

5. i like scrap booking

6. i wish i could sew

7. i wish i could cook (i can cook, just not like my hubby, he's really good, he can make things up
and they are good.)

8. i don't mind doing laundry

9. i LOVE going out to eat

10. my favorite place to go on vacation is Lake Powell

11. i want to get a boat (now that Russ has been to lake Powell, so does he)

12. i would go to my parents cabin every weekend if i could

13. i would love to go to Greece, Egypt, Italy, France and Australia. after that i would go anywhere.

14. my biggest weakness is my impatience.

15. having a baby is helping me learn patience.

16. i am a back seat driver to my hubby, and only my hubby (sorry babe)

17. i wish i was more self disciplined with working out.

18. i enjoy blogs and blogging and love being able to keep up on so many friends lives

19. i want a personal trainer, even though i could be one if i got certified.

20. i didn't mind being pregnant

21. i didn't like taking care of a newborn

22. i love taking care of my 1 year old

23. i love to shower but i hate having to get ready afterward

24. i don't like hot tubs

25. i don't like green bell peppers, but i like the orange red and yellow ones.

26. i HATE picky eaters, well i hate when people won't try something (what do they think is going to happen? they won't like it, OH NO!!!)

27. i hate that people get paid to make crappy advertisements.

28. my dreams are usually very crazy

29. i don't have my ears pierced

30. i don't like to wear jewelry but i wish i did.

31. i wish i was in dance classes

32. i wish Russ would want to take a dance class with me

33. i like my hair

34. my hair stylist's name is Lacey too.

35. i wish i had a really nice camera

36. i wish i could take really cool pictures

37. i wish i knew how to use Photoshop

38. i have always wanted to be a massage therapist.

39. i like being on time and i get upset if i or someone makes me late.

40. i wish my husband would get home earlier from work

41. i love homemade ice-cream

42. i don't have a favorite color

43. i want to plant a garden

44. i want to look like my mom when i am her age (she's pretty much a freak of nature)

45. i wish i could have a business from home

46. i don't get embarrassed but i get nervous

47. i can possibly faint if i see my own blood but it doesn't bother me. and i love to see other people's blood and guts and help people who are hurt.

48. fall is my favorite season

49. thanksgiving is my favorite holiday

50. one thanksgiving Russ and i had to get McDonald's fries on our drive to his families dinner, we were just craving them.

51. i wish woman weren't so hard on themselves body image wise

52. i like my body

53. i have always been pretty confident, of which i am very glad.

54. water and milk are my favorite drinks

55. it is easier for me to buy things for other people than it is for myself.

56. i have been on fire

57. my favorite TV shows are what not to wear and Jon and Kate plus Eight

58. walking around shopping makes me need to go to the bathroom (#2) ???

59. i am obsessed with recycling

60. i want to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier than i do

61. my sisters and my husband and i always watch the lord of the rings extra stuff every Christmas.

62. my favorite movie is Clue

63. i want to end up living somewhere near my family

64. i hate horseradish and dijon mustard

65. i am afraid of moths

66. when i was younger i wanted to grow up and own an ice-cream shop in Moab UT with my sister Lani

67. i want to be a more decisive person

68. i love chocolate covered pretzels

69. i prefer dark chocolate

70. i have been to New York City and i didn't like it ( i guess i am just a country girl)

71. my best day (excluding days with my hubby or daughter) was at Busch Gardens in DC, spent with Laura, Megan, Alicia, and Becky, kinda random group but i have never laughed so hard all day long in my entire life.

72. i like to sing and wish i were better

73. i don't wish i knew how to play the piano (i took lessons for 10 years and i couldn't sit down and play a tune)

74. i think my mom and i are telepathic with each other.

75. i am very ticklish, it was hard to get a full body massage because it tickled?

76. i want to live where there are aspen trees all around me

77. i don't really like candy

78. i love baked goods

79. i think black leather is ugly

80. i don't like how Bella refers to Jacob as her best friend but she is married to Edward. i can't imagine not being married to my best friend (twilight reference)

81. i wish i had my sister Lindsey's memory

82. i wish i had my sister Lisa's goodness

83. i wish i had my sister Lani's witt and listening skills

84. when i was younger i thought i would get married when i was 25, i was 23, 1 month shy of 24.

85. when i was younger i would kick boys if they swore ( i guess i thought swearing was worse)

86. i have never tried alcohol or drugs and i never wanted to

87. i have never broken a bone just a stress fracture

88. i have cellulite and i blame it on heredity

89. i don't really like peanut butter

90. i have always loved Michelangelo's statue of David and i was lucky enough to marry one

91. i am competitive but it doesn't bother me to lose

92. i can be very defensive

93. i don't think my hands are very feminine

94. i was in labor for 48 hours and was miserable the entire time, even with two epidurals and a shot of morphine

95. my favorite quote from this conference session, "he hasn't asked us to walk across the
country, he has asked us to walk across the street" (sorry i think it was pres. monson who said this but i can't remember)

96. my right ear can hear better than my left ear

97. i love learning

98. i am excited to play make believe again with my daughter

99. i am glad i am at # 99

100. i am a very light sleeper

Did you make it through all 100 things? Do we have anything in common? Were there things that surprised you?

If you are bored and have nothing to blog about please post 100 things about you! I would love to read it.


the seasons of change are upon us . . .

Megan do you remember Spencer and Adam saying that all the time, anyway. i love fall and absolutely love my view of the mountains and all of the leaves changing. this post is totally random, i just came across some pictures that i wanted to share. so here ya go.