Cabin and Camp Out

A couple weeks ago, my Mom and Dad and I went to their cabin for a few days. I LOVE being up there and would love to stay for a whole week, or even month.

Then we decided to have a camp out in the back yard. It lasted until about 11:00pm but that is ok, it was so fun to see the joy and excitement on Halle's face. When she was finally ready to go to sleep, she wanted to go inside. It was pretty cute and i didn't really mind, i wanted to get sleep too.


From the perspective of a 2 year old. . .

Halle LOVES to play with her Daddy's phone. She is so smart and knows how to open the pictures app and take pictures as well. I LOVE looking at the pictures she takes. Granted there were about 50 pictures of each group of pictures, and they are so fun to look at in order, but i picked just a few of the best ones. I hope you enjoy.


Yeah, she's my kid!

Oh yeah, and she is 2! Can you tell i am so proud of her! :) Sorry the picture is a little blurry, it was shot with an iphone.



I was so excited to get these pictures taken of Miller. The photos we have of Halle at this age are my favorites! And Katie Moss of Peekaboo Photos did not disappoint, she is so good at what she does! Here are some of them, they are all cute and i LOVE them all!


This is SO funny!

It's a little crazy and long but oh so funny! I was crying the first time I watched it I was laughing so hard!