i attempted to get some pics of Harvey and Pepper in my backyard the other evening. harvey was super tired and drooling like a leaky faucet.  pepper was pretty good i just couldn't get her to sit still. not to mention, i don't know how to use my camera.  a lot of the back ground or foreground is in focus while my kids are not. i struggle, but at least i tried. FAIL!!!

i like this one

wish he wasn't hold the lens cap

i actually love this one

ha ha

could have been cute

the satirs look great and in focus???

the table is in great focus


Happy Birthday Harvey & Pepper

We made these two a cake on their actual  birthday and then we celebrated with the whole family a week or so later. It was the perfect weather, we had delicious food and my favorite, home made ice-cream for dessert. Thanks for coming and helping everyone. 

 This is my favorite picture! these two are seriously best friends! Miller loves his grammy so much!

 She's just kind of serious, all the time. Even though she looks stone cold, she is very happy.

 All the cousins, and Russ, playing soccer. PS i love my backyard!

 see, there's a smile! 

 my little cakes, i tried. 

 This is typical of every meal they eat. Pepper goes at it two handed, Harvey just picks his pieces very carefully.