baby blessing(s)

We blessed our two sweet babies yesterday. It was fabulous and made me realize my backyard is great for hosting outdoor parties, and should have been utilizing it better this summer. it was perfect weather, perfect company and Russ did a great job with the blessings. I remember him saying Pepper would be a calming influence, and be a person others would feel good going to for advice and comfort and to be trustworthy. Harvey will have an infectious light about him, positive personality, and be an influence for good to those around him.  
It was a great evening and thank you everyone for making it happen

We also decided to take family photos in front of my lovely grape vines.

this was the best we got. Miller's face kills me, lol everyones really, it's pretty priceless. 

isn't my sister gorgeous!

That is Russ'  face after i asked him if he was smiling. (look of death)


Halle's "Pretend Birthday"

Halle has been telling me since September 26, 2011 what she wants to do for her next birthday, which was go to Cowabunga Bay. i was planning on going next week, but the weather was getting cooler and cooler so yesterday i decided we were going the next day, which was today. I told her she could only invite a couple people to cowabunga or have a big party at our house and invite lots of people. Halle wanted to take her best buddies, Claire and Laird Larkin and of course her best friend Miller.
The girls! Halle wanted to hold up 5 b/c she is turning 5. She is so cute!

The boys!

I love this girl! 

That face is what makes it all worth it!

She wanted a Hello Kitty watch really bad.
side note,  my cake unintentionally matched it. :)

She got her purple scooter! Yippee! 

The gang. Ha ha, can you see miller in the pile of towels? He was freezing, that kid has no fat on him so even if it's warm outside, he gets cold when he is wet. 

Don't judge me too harshly on the cake, i made the frosting and decorated it in about 20 min. 

I am a sucker for spoiling my children and I was glad i could pull off a fun birthday party in less than 24 hours.  Her actual birthday isn't until the 25th, but i can't believe this girl is 5, not because of how old, but because of how mature, smart, and especially how amazing she is with babies that she is only 5. She's my babe!



Well, my babies are 3 months almost 3 1/2 months, and are doing great. They are sleeping so well, about 10 hours a night. They are only taking a few cat naps during the day, which is frustrating but i will take it if they sleep through the night. Halle and Miller are still getting along great and are best friends and always playing together (love them).

Honestly i am so happy with how everything in my life is going. I try to stay busy by going to my moms or my sisters, or just out so i am with another adult (just makes things easier) but if not, i can get through the day pretty well by myself. it can get crazy for sure, but i am learning to let a lot more things go. like when the kids make a huge puddle in the bathroom during bath time, i used to get so mad, now i just know it's going to happen when a 2 & 4 year old are in a bath tub playing. The other day they splashed so much water i opened my medicine cabinet thing and water spilled out, they got in trouble for that, but it was still funny. Playing in the mud outside, hey i did that as a kid and i don't remember  getting yelled at. making forts out of all the couch cushions, sure, as long as i can have one to sit on and feed a baby (which i am doing all day it seems, but its ok).

Harvey and Pepper are such little cuties and good babies. I am one lucky mama.

I am excited for Russ, he has his big Point to Point 80 mile mountain bike race next weekend. see here . He has been working all summer towards this race. He has been eating better, and has lost 15-20 pounds and with his new bike will be 30 lbs lighter then last year. It took him 12 hours last year and was such a huge accomplishment. He has been good about training as much as he can during the nights and on weekends, but he has still been gone quite a bit. It has been kind of hard on me, just getting used to these babies and the other kids. Being a mom is exhausting and you can't explain it to anyone, they just have to experience it for themselves to get it. Needless to say, i am excited for him to do this race and i know he will do awesome, and i am also excited for him to be done with racing season. :)

I have told myself that once Russ is done with racing, then i need to get serious about getting in shape and eating healthier, i figure if my babies are sleeping through the night i don't have an excuse any more. (i am getting tired of not having anything to wear and my sick nasty muffin top.)

OH and i am getting excited for fall weather, and fall fashion, so much better.

here are some random pics. enjoy

my boys, Harvey looks miserable, but he really wasn't crying until i took the pic. 

All 4 of my kids in our bed (in the morning of course) no one is allowed to sleep in here but Me and Russ

Best friends

they LOVE 4 wheeling at the cabin

no words

This saturday we were in utah county running some errands so we stopped at our old stomping ground BYU and had some ice-cream. oh the memories. Love that guy, our 7yr anniversary is coming up, and we actually met 10 years ago. 


my new world

being a mom of 2 newborns, a 2 year old little boy, and a 4 year old who is going on 18, has been an adjustment. like most moms, my days and nights are pretty much completely dedicated to the well being of my children. Now they have always been, but with 2 new borns around things are pretty crazy and i can barely come up for air unless someone else is around to help.

The nights have gotten better, Harvey is sleeping longer but i guess, when i say better i am only getting up 1-2 times a night instead of 3 -4.

During the day i am in  survival mode, my 2 older ones have gotten more mischievous and more determined to get away with whatever they can because mommy is tending to babies needs. I am sure it's because i don't give them much attention, unless you consider yelling at them attention. :(  i feel terrible about it, but the lack of sleep makes me an impatient crazy person. 

anyway i am at my moms a lot and Halle actually is a really good helper, she is amazing with babies. she knows exactly how to hold them and understands their weight and is just really good. i don't think i got her by mistake she truly is made to be a mommy. Miller is sweet, like usual. he is just a 2 year old so ya know.

But i can't complain too much, my kids love me, i love them and we are healthy. life is good, i can't wait to find our more about my new babies personalities. Harvey is super smiley and coos and gurgles at me all day, he has blue eyes and is going to be blonde. Pepper, is super chill and smiles sometimes. she sleeps like a champ during the night and i think she will have brown eyes and brown hair.

Anyway, my life with twins has been pretty crazy but doable and i need to go to bed!


Photo's !!!

Katie Moss from Peekaboophotos is amazing. Here is just more proof of her skills.