Hogle Zoo

This last friday, my sisters, Mom and I all took the kiddies to the Zoo. Now although Hogle Zoo really struggles, the kids had a blast, especially with each other.

This was Miller's face when he heard the T-Rex roar. It was so cute! He loved it, even though he isn't smiling in the picture below.
Oh and on a side note, we saw Mrs. Bittner when we were by the T-Rex. She remembered all of us and was so nice, love her!
 I can't get enough of these two. They are so cute together and were walking around holding hands. So fun to have a cousin so close in age.
 Connor is so adorable!
 Halle liked being in the stroller, i think she secretly wishes she was a baby. 

 Then we all went on the train. It was so hot and the kids couldn't wait to go on the train and as soon as we got to the front of the line, the lady told us that the train had to go get gas and we would have to wait another 7-10 minutes! I was so annoyed, you can't explain to an 18 month old that the train has to go get gas. Well, once we got on the train Miller was in heaven. It didn't matter that we didn't really see anything cool, just the fact that we were on a train.



Running in the mountains
Last week we, my parents, my children and i, went to the cabin. Russ got to stay home and catch up on work, and live the life of a bachelor, which he said was great for a while, then he missed me. :)  It was perfect weather and i got to do a couple of runs while we were up there. It was gorgeous, and so fun to be running in the mountains. Here are some pics i took while on my run.

Playing at the Park
My kids love going over to the Rosslyn Heights playgrounds, aren't they cute!

My Miller got burned. It was so sad, he grabbed my mom's hot curling iron and burned his hand. I called his pediatrician and they told me to bring him in. Luckily it was only a mild 2 degree burn on his little hand but the poor thing cried the whole way there (which is longer then he has ever cried in his life). They wrapped it up and sent us on our way. He is pretty proud of his little bandage.

Slip-n-slide. After Miller and i got back from the docs we went out and enjoyed the beautiful day outside. (can you see the plastic bag wrapped around Miller's little hand?)

Halle thought she was pretty funny dumping cold water on my mom!



We went up to the Cabin the day after memorial day. All is right with the world (in Halle's mind) when we are at the cabin. It was perfect weather and so much fun!