Baby Page # 2 is . . .

We went to get our ultrasound done this morning and couldn't wait to find out what we were having. The little thing was laying on it's tummy in a really inconvenient way for the technician to see what it was. But she finaly got a good shot and, it's a BOY!

It is funny how the whole time I have thought it was a boy so I wasn't surprised, but it was good to have confirmation. Russ was really excited he was just saying yesterday that he thought it was a girl, but I think he secretly hoped I was right :) The nurse/technician's words exactly "he's being stubborn," He's definitely our boy!

Here are some shots from the ultrasound. I tried to explain what everything is, but I understand if you can't see it.

This is a picture of his face. If you tilt your head to the right he is looking right at you! That big black circle is his eye.

It's a boy! This is a shot of his unit. The bum is on the right and his little guy is in between the legs.
The profile.


The second time around . . .

So I am pregnant, for the second time, and have felt pretty good. I felt sick for the first trimester but now I am just tired and feeling fat.

I knew I would be showing earlier this time around but hello, I feel like I have a huge baby bump poking out at me. I thought I was having twins because I was showing so much earlier this time. But there is only one baby in there, confirmed by the initial ultrasound at 10 weeeks.

I get to find out what we are having on the 18. My intuition says it's a boy, but I really have no idea. It's a 50/50 shot, but I will be truly happy with a boy or a girl.

Here are some pictures I took of my Halle girl at the park when I went with my friends from high school for a play date.