P.S. I Loved It!

So Russ and I went with our friend's the Larkins to movies tonight. The boys went and saw "I am Legend" and the girls went and saw "P.S. I Love You". It was such a cute movie. I recommend you go see it. The previews/ commercials for it don't do it justice. I would start crying one moment and then laugh the next. It tugged at my heart strings!
Has anyone else seen it?


The Man Cold

Lacey says this is me when I'm sick.


I've Been Tagged

The rules . . . 1. you post 6 facts/habits about yourself 2. you tag 6 more people.

1. The only TV show I watch everyday (well when I am home to watch it) is TLC's "What Not To Wear" I love the host's Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, hilarious, and I absolutely love to see ugly people become beautiful and have more confidence in themselves just from buying new clothes and getting a makeover.

2. I have naturally curly hair and I love it.

3. It is really hard for me to go shopping without my husband, he is the best shopping buddy. He tells me honestly if he likes something or not. He has literally told me that the pants I was trying on made my butt look big. Oh yes, my husband is the best because I know when he really likes something, and that I should get it.

4. I am a "movie watcher overer" (yes and I also make up words). I have a select few movies that I can put in any time, any day, anywhere and love it every time. Examples, "Clue", "What's Up Doc", "The Mummy." I totally get it from my mom.

5. I hate green peppers, and Horseradish but I will pretty much eat anything else.

6. I am obsessed with my parent's cabin and think about going there all the time. (I haven't been since Halle was born, so I am totally going through withdrawals!)

I really feel funny about tagging people, so if you can't think of anything to blog, just say you've been tagged.


We Are Marshall

So the other day Russ and I watched the movie "We Are Marshall." The movie is about the Marshall University football team that all died in a plane crash, only a few thousand feet away from their hometown airport runway. It was a good movie, sad but touching. It just made me think about something that I wanted to share.

I am sure that when the plane crashed, a lot of people asked why god could let that happen to all of those people. I am sure it made people question if there is a god. It made me think of how I do believe in god, and it is situations like this that make me know there is a god. I believe that the emotions we experience during the hard times in our lives are what make us closer to god. They make our personalities more colorful, deeper richer. If nothing bad ever happened then nothing good could happen either. Our growth would be so stunted. It is the sadness, heartache, failure, pain, suffering that we go through that make the joy, successes, love, and happiness in our lives even sweeter.

I hope this made sense, it was just something I have been thinking about since watching the movie.


A Little Tribute

Russell how much do I love thee . . . let me count the ways . . .
1. you have a rockin' hot bod!
Just kidding, I really do love you, i mean really love you more than i can say on this blog post, so I am just going to post some pictures of some great memories!

30 Years Old!!!

Today Russ turned 30. You would never guess that was his age if you saw him in person, not that it is old, but he is just such a kid at heart and has such a young spirit about him, that he doesn't look his age.
On monday I threw a little surprise party for him, with the help of our good friend Ian it was pretty successful. The only thing that might have gone better was the accidental text message I sent to him instead of going to Mike the guys who's house we had it at. yes, I totally botched the surprise. I literally cried for 5 minutes, and then realized I couldn't do anything about it, but put a smile on my face and just let it go.
Russ was still impressed that we got so many people to come, I just told him it is only because you have so many friends and they would all do anything for you. It was so great because both of our families were there, old friends, new friends, it was so fun!
Here are some pics from the party.

the boys!

Lani, Kevin (some guy i don't know) RussThe Larkins

Russ's awesome family, I love you guys!
P.S. it was a crazy sweater theme, Stephen and Alex were the only two that got into it.