Goose Egg and Turkey Legs . . .

Ok, so i just wanted to come up with a clever title. Anyway the other night Miller got his first big goose egg. He has been walking for over a month now so i think he has done pretty well considering. Here is a pic of his big bump.

Next i wanted to throw in a picture of Halle's joy school kids. I taught the lesson the week before thanksgiving. Don't they looks cute in their pilgrim hats and bonnets?!

This next picture i just think is funny. I was trying to get a picture with both of my kids while i was holding the camera. Pretty comical. Miller doesn't like to hold still for more then . . . well not at all, unless he is eating. :)

And for Thanksgiving. We had a fabulous meal at my Sister in law's house with Russ's whole family.
I loved the high chair with name tag for Miller, so cute!

I'm not sure what everyone was looking at but Miller sure loves his Papa Wayne. He also loves my Dad, he loves his Grandpas!

Halle and Aspen, getting ready to eat!

Russ's brother Alex's girlfriend Becca (wow, did that make sense?) gave Miller this adorable "Baby's First Thanksgiving" bib. I can't think of a better Holiday to celebrate a baby's first with a bib. Thanks Becca i love it!

Russ's Mom is truly amazing, not only did she make about 8 pies, and a bunch of other stuff, she made this amazing jello! It was so good, and so beautiful, i had to get a picture. (check out Nicks face in the background, he sure looks satisfied! )

Me and my love, click on the pic, he has a mustache, you might have to zoom in to see it! :) just kidding babe, you looked hot with that stache! and might i say i look hot in this picture. ;)

I LOVE this one of Miller. I don't know why he had his arms up like that but i think he looks hilarious! you can see that goose egg in this one too. That is Russ's cute sister Jen, love her!
I LOVE my family in law! They are the best and I truly feel so thankful and blessed for so many things in my life. But mostly I am thankful for my family and my health.


Harry Potter Extravaganza

Last Night Lindsey and I got all dressed up and went out to celebrate with all the other HP freaks out there! it was so fun! Last year we dressed as the same thing (lindsey = Rita Skeeter, Lacey = Dolores Umbridge) and NO ONE knew who i was, i think maybe one girl did. :( But this year i changed my get up a little and i think people got it.
 Anyway, the first thing we did was went to California Pizza Kitchen to get some dessert. It was really good and the perfect thing to eat before a long night. Enough sugar to keep us awake and energized.
Next we Headed over to the IMAX theater where they supposedly had some cool Harry Potter stuff, it was all pretty lame, but we did get sorted! I was in Griffindor and Lindsey was in Hufflepuff, sucker!

The best part is seeing everyone else in all their nerdy glory!

Me and my Boys!

being super giddy that the movie was about to start!     
My favorite of all favorites, were these two. Draco and Harry themselves. Draco was by far the best. So fun and so funny!
It was a fabulous night! So bittersweet so good but so sad that i have to wait until next year to see the rest of the book but also happy that there is still one more movie. :)


Harry Potter

My kids are both sick, my mom is sick and Russ stayed home from work today, sick. I am, knock on wood, not sick and can not get sick before midnight on Thursday. I have my tickets and my costume all picked out, pray for my health until then at least!  LOL can you tell i am excited! Lindsey and i are going together again!

PS and you know you love my blog background!


This is Halloween, this is Halloween . . .

For Halloween, or on my bday :) we had an exciting day. I started the day with a 5k race Spread the Magic, put on by my amazing friend Laura. This was the first time they did the race and it was and amazing success. It was to raise money for the Coleman Family

Anyway i ran my fastest time yet for a 5k which i am proud of. Oh and the night before Russ took me to La Caille for my birthday, which was delicious but OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. I am glad I have gone once in my life but I really don't need to go back there. So i had this huge steak and ice cream sundae (we also hit up Leatherby's on the way home from dinner) in my stomache like a gut bomb, but it didn't affect my race too much, i don't think.

After the race we went home and played in the leaves outside. Russ had to go winterize the sprinklers at our rental homes. Halle LOVED jumping into the piles of leaves and was so excited for "trick-or-treats" that night.

I love this one of Halle!

Silly girl!

I just had to add this one in. That squirrel lives in my parents backyard, well a tree in their backyard. We watch it run back and forth storing nuts from this black walnut tree. i think this picture is pretty cool, he is in mid air!
 That night we had our Ward Halloween party. It was fabulous as usual. This year they had a costume contest, i was shocked when they said our family won best costume overall. It was fun.
Lisa's family all came up to go to the party and Trick-or-Treating. Lisa made her own cosume and was a black widow spider, she looked awesome. Laina is Dora, Naya a Cat, and Kai a transformer and Dale is a . . . "reasonable consumer" (The Office, anyone?)

My Mom is a Three Amigo (she came up with the idea all on her own, i am so proud) and my Dad is a snow sidewalk scraper, i don't know why but when i see this picture i think of Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation. . . maybe it's the chili stain on his shirt (pretty sure it was not part of the costume:) i love my parents!

After the party we went Trick-or-Treating. Halle was a die hard. She was running to every door, we had to tell her to slow down and wait for the other kids. She would take handfuls of candy and before the person had closed the door she would say, "let's go to another one" it was so cute. All of Lisa's kids wanted to go home except Kai but Halle didn't want to stop. It was pretty entertaining.

The stash! and the runny nose to go with it.

Russ's parents came to the Party with us. 
They are so cute and Halle loves her Mimi and Papa!

This was taken in front of the Watkins house. 
They grew those pumpkins in their back yard, they were huge! 

Overall a fabulous Birthday/Halloween!