Well, my babies are 3 months almost 3 1/2 months, and are doing great. They are sleeping so well, about 10 hours a night. They are only taking a few cat naps during the day, which is frustrating but i will take it if they sleep through the night. Halle and Miller are still getting along great and are best friends and always playing together (love them).

Honestly i am so happy with how everything in my life is going. I try to stay busy by going to my moms or my sisters, or just out so i am with another adult (just makes things easier) but if not, i can get through the day pretty well by myself. it can get crazy for sure, but i am learning to let a lot more things go. like when the kids make a huge puddle in the bathroom during bath time, i used to get so mad, now i just know it's going to happen when a 2 & 4 year old are in a bath tub playing. The other day they splashed so much water i opened my medicine cabinet thing and water spilled out, they got in trouble for that, but it was still funny. Playing in the mud outside, hey i did that as a kid and i don't remember  getting yelled at. making forts out of all the couch cushions, sure, as long as i can have one to sit on and feed a baby (which i am doing all day it seems, but its ok).

Harvey and Pepper are such little cuties and good babies. I am one lucky mama.

I am excited for Russ, he has his big Point to Point 80 mile mountain bike race next weekend. see here . He has been working all summer towards this race. He has been eating better, and has lost 15-20 pounds and with his new bike will be 30 lbs lighter then last year. It took him 12 hours last year and was such a huge accomplishment. He has been good about training as much as he can during the nights and on weekends, but he has still been gone quite a bit. It has been kind of hard on me, just getting used to these babies and the other kids. Being a mom is exhausting and you can't explain it to anyone, they just have to experience it for themselves to get it. Needless to say, i am excited for him to do this race and i know he will do awesome, and i am also excited for him to be done with racing season. :)

I have told myself that once Russ is done with racing, then i need to get serious about getting in shape and eating healthier, i figure if my babies are sleeping through the night i don't have an excuse any more. (i am getting tired of not having anything to wear and my sick nasty muffin top.)

OH and i am getting excited for fall weather, and fall fashion, so much better.

here are some random pics. enjoy

my boys, Harvey looks miserable, but he really wasn't crying until i took the pic. 

All 4 of my kids in our bed (in the morning of course) no one is allowed to sleep in here but Me and Russ

Best friends

they LOVE 4 wheeling at the cabin

no words

This saturday we were in utah county running some errands so we stopped at our old stomping ground BYU and had some ice-cream. oh the memories. Love that guy, our 7yr anniversary is coming up, and we actually met 10 years ago.