belly photo

This is for my sister Lindsey who wants to see my progress. i took these pictures by myself with my phone, that is why they are so crappy. i feel like i have an almost full term belly that is just in the cute stage, but i know that won't last for too long. I am 22 weeks on wednesday. It is crazy because i feel like i have 2 babies in my belly. it is really uncomfortable and just not enough room in there, and i can't imagine what it is to come. YIKES!!!

of course i had to put a picture of my babes. love them!



 HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUSS!!! Poor Russ woke up to all of us vomiting and being sick all day. We finally made him a cake and surprised him after work. This picture makes it look like i have 34 candles on there, but there are only 4, not sure why my phone made it look like a fiery inferno. The kids helped make the cake and put lots of green sprinkles on it, daddy's favorite color.

One night Halle, Miller and I decided to go to see the Zoo Lights at Hogle Zoo. They were really cool, but it was really cold and windy that night,  i was pregnant pushing Miller around those hills and dragging a crying cold Halle to get in the car as fast as possible, so needless to say, the fun was short lived.

I had to snap a shot of my Miller's curls. I can't cut his hair, so if you see us and he looks like his hair is all shaggy and unkempt, it's because it is. But it looks really cute right after i do it or after he has taken a nap and gets all sweaty and it gets curly.

We also celebrated Miller's 2nd birthday in December. (it's a busy month for our family on top of being busy from the holidays) We went out to lunch with Russ's parents, Miller wanted Pizza. Then we went to my parents to have dinner and cupcakes and donuts. He is such a big boy and i am not looking forward to missing out on his adorableness because i am taking care of twins. :(

(notice his hair)

Mommy and Halle. She is getting so excited to take care of the babies in mommy's tummy.

So, Miller is obsessed with cars! He loves the Cars movies and any car he sees.  So we have all been looking forward to going to the car show. We went this saturday and the kids had so much fun "driving" and testing out the different cars.