David Archuleta: Imagine

Even if you don't watch American Idol, I recommend watching this performance of Imagine. It's quite moving.


"Charlie Bit Me"

I am sorry if you have already seen this, but I saw it and had to put it on my blog for all of you who have not seen it. I LOVE IT!!!


Fun Word Friday

Chantilly Lace
I got to use these words in real life, it made me smile, so I hope it does the same for you.


Baby Blessing

We finally blessed Halle last Sunday. Not yesterday, the one before, yes when we had the huge storm! We did it at our house, and just invited family. I want to thank everyone for coming and daring the weather. It was so snowy our ward almost canceled church!

I also want to thank Denille, Russ's mom, for making Halle's beautiful blessing dress. It was absolutely gorgeous! Even down to the lace trim on the slip! Denille you are amazing! Thanks to everyone for bringing food, chairs, treats, but mostly for bringing yourself.

Russ did an awesome job! The blessing was very touching, and the words that stand out to me are, "peace, joy and goodness." He is a great Dad, and Halle and I are very lucky to have him in our lives! Anyway it was so fun to have everyone over, here are some pictures.

p.s. Halle was so tired, she didn't make a peep during the blessing, but afterward she cried the whole time. :(


I think I live in the North Pole!

I don't think me just telling you how snowy it is where I live can do it justice, so I have some pictures. I have pictures from last Sunday, which I thought were crazy, and then I took some yesterday which were even crazier! We love it though, it isn't fake winter, it is real!

this is looking out our front porch last week.

This is the same view this week.

This is out the back door last week.

This is out the back door this week!

This is last week, we have garbage pick up on monday morning, so we put our garbage cans out sunday night. This is what they looked like in the morning.