Saturday, Russ and I ventured down to American Fork to get Miller's newborn pictures taken with Peekaboophotos. We also had Halle's pictures taken. Halle was not cooperating at all in the beginning, but Russ told her he would throw out all of her baby dolls if she wasn't a good girl.(Hey, it worked!) He also told her he would take her to get a new baby if she was good.  After that she was so good. I seriously can't wait to see the pictures. Miller, who I thought would be asleep the whole time was awake and kind of difficult, but Kate knows what she is doing and pulled out the blow dryer and he was out like a light. She sent me a couple images via email. These are they! I can't wait to see the rest!


2 Weeks!

I went to the doc this morning for Miller's 2 week check up. He is doing great
He weighs 9lbs 3oz. = 65%
height 21in.= 64
and head circ. 36cm.= 40%
His weight surprised me the most. The doctor said they want them to be at least back to their birth weight (Miller wieghed 8lbs) by 2 weeks, and Miller has passed that by a pound and then some. I guess it shouldn't surprise me too much, he is definitely a boy and wants to eat, a lot! It makes a mom feel good though when you get a good report card from the doc.


2 Kids

Here are a couple more pictures of my new baby and my cutest Halle girl! It has been a pretty good transition into having two kids. With the lack of sleep i have gotten, which is mostly because of sore breasts rather than a crying baby, seriously Miller is amazing! i have to wake him up to feed him . . . what a dream. Anyway things have been good. Halle is still adjusting and has emotional outbreaks every now and then, but so do i, so what can you do. I have loved having Russ around and my Mom and Dad. It has made me way more sane and actually so happy and thrilled to have this new addition to our family.  
Right after my baby came out.

This picture shows his "redish" hair the best.


Miller's Story

My labor with Miller was so much better and faster than it was the first time around.

12/30/09: 3:30am Woke up with pretty painful contraction. New it was more than a braxton hicks and would be having the baby soon.

4:45 Checked into the hospital, dilated to a 3+

5:30 Got an epidural (the anesthesiologist was amazing, talked me through everything, which the first time i had one, the doc didn't say a word)

Slowly dilated to a 9+ with very little pain, but enough feeling that i would be able to push when i needed to.

9:30am being dilated to a 9+ the doc said i had a little lip of cervix that wasn't dilating and so i was rolling onto my other side to see if that would help and as i rolled the doc said it dilated completely and i was ready to push.

I did a test push with my next contraction and the baby moved down and started to crown, so they told me to stop so they could get the room ready.

Once the room was ready i began to push and could feel the pressure of him down there, it was really cool, with Halle i couldn't feel anything. So I pushed got his head out , pushed again and got  the rest of him out.It only took me about 5 pushes, where as with Halle, i pushed for 2.5 hours.He came at 9:50am, 8 lbs, 20 inches long.

He has been an absolute dream. He eats, sleeps and poops. Hasn't made much noise other than when i take him off to burp he gets mad and wants to keep eating.

I am madly in love with his redish hair, so cute! It isn't orange red, but it is the prettiest auburn color.

Miller Nathan Page

8 lbs, 20 inches long and looks like he might be a cute little red-head!