Easter Outfits and Photo Op

My mom bought all the girls these cute sailor dresses and so we decided to take some photos. the kids weren't being very cooperative, but they were still cute! Thank you Lindsey for your fabulous photography skills!


Easter & Others

Halle and Kai made a snowman in April, crazy! The weather is so crazy, i know it is always crazy in utah, but still we were playing in the snow the day before yesterday and then today we were out on the swings without a coat on. weird.

Halle eating a HUGE cinnamon roll, so cute!
Easter Sunday, this was the best shot i got of Halle and Miller with the Easter Baskets my mom gave them. Can you tell that "Grammy" spoils her grandbabies!
Kevin was a hit reading the books to the kiddies!
Then we headed to the Drebings for dinner and games. 

And this is just my darling baby boy
Miller being his cute smiley self!