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Their Story

May 16, 2012 I had my Twins. It still shocks me when i think I have twins. So on wednesday morning russ and i got to sleep in, since my two other babes stayed with my parents the night before. I couldn't eat anything because of the surgery, but somehow i wasn't hungry, maybe it was the nerves. We got to the hospital around 10:30am. They checked me in and got me hooked up to the baby monitors and got me ready for surgery. They did one last ultrasound just to make sure baby A hadn't flipped. He hadn't, their heads were still up and right next to each other, all the nurses thought it was so cute, and so did i. Then i was on to surgery. They actually had to bump me behind 2 other girls because their deliveries were marked higher stress. the nurse said, at least your twins aren't under stress and we can wait a little longer to get them here. i was comforted, i wasn't in that big of a hurry anyway.

It didn't take long before i was laying on the cold operating table getting my spinal block. the feeling was similar to an epidural, but the affects were complete numbness. i couldn't feel anything, which i am grateful for, but it was a pretty crazy feeling as well. i didn't like it, i was laying there and mentally had to go to my happy place. the best way to describe how i felt was claustrophobic. Russ didn't want to watch the surgery so he was right by my head holding my hand. He got more brave when they were pulling my baby boy out. He stood up to watch. i could get a glimpse of what was happening in the reflection of the light right above me. The doc told me they had to cut me a little more since baby boy was bigger then they had anticipated. The anesthesiologist said, "i just witnessed 2 c-sections and both of those babies were smaller then this one and they only had 1 inside of them." they finally got him out at 1:22 and i didn't here him cry right away but probably 30 seconds later. i wasn't very emotional because i was having to seriously focus on not losing it. russ said he was all limbs and really long. russ got to go over and see him while  they started on my baby girl. when russ came back i asked russ if she looked as big as he did, and he said no. they got her out at 1:24. she started crying right away and sounded like i had just given birth to a cat. her cry was so cute, but it sounded like a kitten meowing.

I just had to lay there staring at the sheet and keeping myself sane by breathing in and out. My nurse was amazing and came over and lifted up the sheet so i could see my babes, they other nurses were holding them right next to each other and my first impression was how much they looked like each other. It was crazy that they were finally here. they told me what each of them weighed, the boy 7lbs 3oz. & 21 1/2 inches long, the girl 5lbs 15oz, 19 3/4 inches long. i couldn't believe she was that much smaller then him. every ultra sound i had showed her being bigger. I got stitched back up and they wheeled my in to my recovery room holding one of them, sad i can't remember which one, i guess it doesn't matter. they didn't want me holding both of them because i was a little woozy.  they told me they were a little worried about the girl because she was small for her gestational age and would check her blood sugar to make sure she was eating enough. They also told me they were a little worried about my little boy having stuff still in his lungs because he was grunting a bunch, which we later realized it was just him, and that is what he does, he grunts all the time. :) They both were fine and they took me to my room.

I have a whole new respect for women who get c-sections, they are awful! labor hurts and is so painful when you are going through it, but once it is over, the pain is gone, and you are just a little sore. even with episiotomys they are nothing compared to the pain and recover time a c-section takes. i can't complain to much because i know i am so lucky that my babies were healthy and they both breast fed really well, and left the hospital with me.

Life since they were born has been good, sleepless but good. Halle has been a good helper, and Miller is so sweet with the babies. My mom has been an amazing help and russ and i have been doing our best to stay sane and happy on little to no sleep. we have been staying with my parents during the week and then coming home for the weekends. The babies are good babies. they are both grunters and just eat poop and sleep, just like they are supposed to.

Naming the babies, oh man don't get me started i HATE naming children and i don't ever want to have to do it again. it still makes me cringe thinking about agreeing on 2 names. anyway we deciding on Pepper Jane and Harvey James. We still might change it to Drew and Willis but i guess we will see.

Girl on the left boy on the right. Yes, his nostrils are crooked. :)

this was how i saw my babies for the first time

girl, so close to 6lbs