My new niece, baby Laina (pronounced lay-na).
Isn’t she just so adorable? She is Lisa’s third baby. Can you believe it? She has three under the age of three. Crazy!
Lisa and I were so excited to find out that I was having a girl only five months after her girl was born. They are going to be friends, along with all of the other girls that are popping out of our friends!


Eric & Megan said...

DARLING! Lisa must be a pretty amazing momma. You have a good example to learn from. Baby girls are the best!!

The Walkers said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe she has three babies! Time flies. Uh friend, we need to get together! That will be you before you know it!

lauren ann said...

I loved the "pretty" comment. It all started with that beloved couch....If I could only get my hands on her now and give her a make over. RIP Pretty