Here are some pics from Christmas
Halle in her PJ's her Grandma Mimi (Russ's mom) made.
These are all Halle's cousin's in their PJ's.

Me and Halle squinting in the bright snowy sunshine! you know I look HOT
Halle and Russ getting warm by the fire while I was picking out the Christmas tree.
Russ and all his toys, and yes our house is like a winter wonderland.


LittleFam said...

Halle is adorable in that little snowsuit!

Miss Erika said...

We drove up through your neighborhood the other night (no idea which house is yours). All I can say is WoW. Holy Snow. Particularly up on the very top of the mountain, the snow drifts were shoulder high! Cute picture though. Love the matching PJ's.

The Walkers said...

Lacey you do look so hot in that picture, and I'm so glad you know it.

heidikins said...

cute cute pics! LOVE THEM!


SJ said...

i can't believe how big she is already. time goes by so fast!

Em said...

Sorry I'm so late to comment on this.
Looks like an awesome Christmas.
Makes me miss living close to family.
And really makes me house-hungry. Living in more than 700 square feet of space (and having room for toys) looks awesome right now.

Shayna Swiss said...

look at you cute folks! sincerely, your baby is too cute for words! plus, what a fancy blog you have! i love the background. thanks again for coming to our little get together. it was good to see you guys!

Christine Cook said...

She is getting so big...didn't you just have her?? :)