So I am a dork and just read "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" . . . yeah I know I am a major HP nerd. I just wanted something easy and fun, and that was it. Anyway it got me to thinking about how I wish I had a crazy awesome imagination to be able to write stories and just come up with something totally fun and different. I am so impressed with JK Rowling's creativity and talent for writing. I don't know how she can make me feel like Harry is my friend, and I just want to escape to their world. Well I won't bore you with my nerdery (hey at least I can make up words, that's a start on my creativity) but I was just thinking about it, and wondered if you had any ways you express your creativity and or imagination.

P.S. Thank you all for your nice comments on my baby's photos.


katie and kaden said...

i love harry potter so i'm a nerd with ya:)! i just love all the made up stuff too about wizards and wands and creatures! i wish i could have a wand:) it seems it could make life easier like cleaning and laundry...stuff i don't like doing!

Laura said...

Lacey you need to read A Great and Terrible Beauty. It's young adult fiction. I think you would really enjoy it!

Can't wait to see you so soon.