Happy Birthday Mom!!!

My mom is the most wonderful, woman in the world. She is the most selfless, loving, caring person I know. She would do anything for me and I love her so much. We have such an awesome connection. Not only are we a lot alike, I swear we can read each others mind's. There have been numerous times when I have gone to visit my Mom and have been thinking about, let's say her sugar cookies, and when I get to her house she has made some. Crazy, I know but it's true. I hope that us being so much alike means that I will look as good as she does when I am her age. She is the most beautiful 60-something I know.

I love her so much, and have finally gotten a glimpse of the love she has for me through having and loving Halle myself. And Hello look how freaking gorgeous she is!!!


Annie said...

I too hope I look as good as her when I get older. Happy Birthday!!

Laura said...

Your mom rocks.