Las Vegas

For our Anniversary and for our last time on vacation before having baby number two, we decided to go to Las Vegas and chill by the pool, eat good food, and just do nothing. It was great to have Russ all to myself and just have fun. We missed Halle a ton and can't thank my Mom, Russ's Mom and Aunt Annie for watching her while we were gone. Here are some pics from our adventure.

All of our pictures were taken by Russ, so sorry we are so close. This is us with the strip in the background. We walked a lot and my joints and hips from being pregnant were SOOO sore, but we had fun.

Instead of going to a show we both wanted to see this Titanic exhibit, it was really cool.

For our big dinner we decided to go to Bobby Flay's MESA Grill. It was so good and we really enjoyed our meals!
A little baby belly shot, sort of making fun of how full I was after eating here!
We stayed at the Mandalay Bay, because we heard their pool was awesome. We couldn't spend too much time there because it was so hot and Russ just burns if he is in the sun even with SPF 55 on. This is my hot, white hubby in the wave pool. He was so good at body surfing, I was jealous.


The Flint's said...

How fun to have a vacation for just the two of you!! Happy Anniversary!!

Sarah M said...

Fun! I would love to go to Vegas with just Nick. How luxourious. Your little bumb is so cooked.

heidikins said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Vegas!


Russ said...

nice faces Russ.

- Russ

Laura said...

Finally some pregnancy pics! I'm so glad you and Russ could get away for a bit! Vegas looks like good times.