2 Weeks!

I went to the doc this morning for Miller's 2 week check up. He is doing great
He weighs 9lbs 3oz. = 65%
height 21in.= 64
and head circ. 36cm.= 40%
His weight surprised me the most. The doctor said they want them to be at least back to their birth weight (Miller wieghed 8lbs) by 2 weeks, and Miller has passed that by a pound and then some. I guess it shouldn't surprise me too much, he is definitely a boy and wants to eat, a lot! It makes a mom feel good though when you get a good report card from the doc.


Annie said...

Cute Baby!!! I cannot wait to see him again.

Laura said...

Way to go Lacey. You are such a good mom. Let's get together again soon.

Sarah M said...

wait... is the top a picture of halle, because if it is not it is eerie how much the look the same. he is so perfect!

Lani said...

That's great I am glad he is doing well and eating good. I know that is always my biggest worry. I want to come see you guys soon but Connor is still sick so when that passes we will have to come hang out with you guys. Love you!

McCall B. said...

Way to go! I'm glad he's a good eater and you are a good feeder! We will stop by and see the little tyke next time I am at my mom's house. Love ya!