He is just over 1 month old and is such a pleasant baby. He rarely fusses unless he is hungry, tired, or has poop, which is just what he is supposed to do. Here are some pictures of the last few weeks. 
This is Miller and Charlotte just a week old and 1 day apart.

Male Pattern Baldness. I am so sad, Miller just woke up one morning with a bald spot on the left side of his head. the Next day he had one to match on the other side. I don't know if you can tell the difference in these two pictures, but i was really sad when it happened. i really hope it comes back in his cute red color.

Crazy Halle eating ice-cream with the scoop.

Bath Time. Miller loves taking a bath. Russ always gives the baths. I just don't feel comfortable giving tiny newborns baths with my little hands. So i make Russ do it. But miller just loves his baths and stares at Russ and smiles the whole time.

Sleeping. Why are babies so cute when they sleep? And yes that is a pink blanket snuggled around him. It is the best blanket. So soft and it is stretchy so i can wrap him up tight.

Smiling. This baby really does smile, it isn't just gas. He has been smiling since he was about 1 week old. He looks into your eyes and smiles, it is so cute. and sometimes he will give you a little gurgle or coo.

The Family. sorry i look like such a dork, but this is us. the four of us.

Aren't my loves cute!


Lani said...

Oh my they are all so darn cute! I love that he is already smiling how lucky. I need to come up and hang out sometime soon, seriously I am not just saying that.

heidikins said...

Heartbreakers, all 4 of you. ;o)


Melanie said...

Miller is scrumptious! He really is the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

lisalisa said...


katie and kaden said...

oooohhhhhhhhh he is so freakin cute! i want to snuggle him and you look hot:) no worries! hope you're doing good! such a cute little family:)

Allison said...

Adorable family. Miller is going to steal many a girls heart with that smile.

Laura said...

Oh Lacey he has gotten so big! I'm so glad you updated. I make Mike do the baths too. Charlotte is just beginning to smile a bit and I love it. Let's get together ASAP.

Eric and Megan said...

Your family really is adorable! Miller is so freakin' cute and I'm so glad he has been an "easy" baby (if there is such a thing - all babies are A LOT of work :-)

You look great!!

katherine said...

lace. he is darling. glad he is so easy too!!

callie said...

so precious lacey. so happy for you guys! agreed--miller and grant could be twinners in some pics. don't their smiles just melt your heart?? grant s just starting to flash his bug gummy grins.

have i told you how much i love miller's name? very cute.