1. To settle snugly and comfortably.
2. To lie in a sheltered position.
3. To draw close, as in affection; snuggle.
Miller loves to nestle his head right into my armpit. He nuzzles his little nose right in there. This position, in the pictures, doesn't even show how far he gets in there, sometimes i can't even see his face he gets it in there so far. It is just so cute I had to take a picture and document it. It might look like I just put him in that position, but he seriously always ends up in my armpit, no matter how i start holding him. 

 PS Please don't mind my creepy dark circles under my eyes. :)


Laura said...

Oh he is so cute and cuddly! Its been too long since I have seen that cute baby. Can't wait for next week.

PS Make sure you wear deodorant! He he.

pinksuedeshoe said...

Oh man i really wish Creamie was a snuggler. She would much rather have her nose in everyone elses business, in a very sweet way. He's so cute though!

Lindsey said...

it's true he did that to me the other night too :) such a cutie

The Speres said...

That is fantastic! Hopefully he doesn't still have that cute baby habit when he's 10! haha! I love that we were able to see each other a few times in church and that we actually got to sit down and talk at your house and at Hires. I think we're improving on hanging out...don't you?

Eric and Megan said...

Your armpits must smell like roses...just like when you used to pass gas when we lived together in college :-) "mmm, smells like roses" (didn't you used to say that?) He is getting so big Lace! And totally adorable too!

Lani said...

He is too cute and getting so big I love that I can't lend you anymore baby clothes because Connor is still fitting in stuff that Miller is about too fit in to. Also the shirt looks good I am glad you are wearing it!

Sarah M said...

i hope i hope i hope i hope i hope my next one is just like miller. only wants me and cuddles cuddles cuddles.
i want to meet him!