Perfect Day

Today was an amazing day as a mother. Miller took a nap from 9:30am until 1:30 pm. So awesome, and all day i didn't get in one fight or mad or upset with Halle. She was so good all day and helped me and did what i asked. 

There was a point when we were heading out the door and i couldn't find my shoes, i knew Halle had been wearing them around the house and i asked her where they were, she told me she didn't know. i was getting frustrated because i was going to be late. She came running in and said "Lacey, its ok, i just don't want you to be mad at me." And i didn't want to be mad at her, it had been the perfect day, so i wasn't and decided to find some different shoes. She is truly an angel, and i love her so much. (ps i also love that she calls me Lacey)

Miller, what can i say, that kid lights up my life. My everyday joy and happiness is multiplied by 100 because he is in my life. His smile and hugs melt my heart and i get them all day long! 

It was a wonderful day and i just had to let you all know how much i LOVE my babies. They are mine and they are wonderful!

P.S. This photo was taken a while ago with Russ' iphone. i LOVE it!


pinksuedeshoe said...

This is a great post. And I am deciding right now that tomrrow (well I guess since it's 12:15 that means it's today) I am going to try my very best to have this day with Creamie. You've inspired me. Now, where do I sign up for four hour naps.

Lani said...

How nice every parent deserves at least one day a month like that! thanks for sharing!

Allison said...

Thanks Lace. I kind of had a bad attitude today and you just changed it. Those kiddos are so lucky to have you as a mom. You are the best!

The Speres said...

What a great post! I bet those kiddies love having you as their mom! I love that Halle calls you Lacey. So cute.
Hope you continue to have wonderful and perfect mommy days!

Russ said...

My favorite was a few days ago when I was telling her she couldn't do something and she says in a distraught voice "Don't do this."

Laura said...

So funny Halle calls you Lacey. Hahaha. She's so cute Lace.

I'm so jealous, Charlotte has taken a nap like that since we was a newborn. How heavenly.

I loved walking with you the other day. You're simply the best. I'm so glad we've remained close all over these years!

Sarah M said...

your kids are the best sleepers in the world. ja ja ja jealous.
love that pic.

{littlefam} said...

oh lace! i just love you! you are a darling mommy to those darling kiddos! those perfect days make parenting so worth it! love that halle calls you lacey - carmen calls us lindsey and jon too - so funny!