Harry Potter Extravaganza

Last Night Lindsey and I got all dressed up and went out to celebrate with all the other HP freaks out there! it was so fun! Last year we dressed as the same thing (lindsey = Rita Skeeter, Lacey = Dolores Umbridge) and NO ONE knew who i was, i think maybe one girl did. :( But this year i changed my get up a little and i think people got it.
 Anyway, the first thing we did was went to California Pizza Kitchen to get some dessert. It was really good and the perfect thing to eat before a long night. Enough sugar to keep us awake and energized.
Next we Headed over to the IMAX theater where they supposedly had some cool Harry Potter stuff, it was all pretty lame, but we did get sorted! I was in Griffindor and Lindsey was in Hufflepuff, sucker!

The best part is seeing everyone else in all their nerdy glory!

Me and my Boys!

being super giddy that the movie was about to start!     
My favorite of all favorites, were these two. Draco and Harry themselves. Draco was by far the best. So fun and so funny!
It was a fabulous night! So bittersweet so good but so sad that i have to wait until next year to see the rest of the book but also happy that there is still one more movie. :)


The Speres said...

I logged on here just to see if you had pictures and comments about the movie...haha.
Glad you enjoyed your night out on the town. And glad to hear you liked it!

Lani said...

You guys look amazing of course, but you are to cute to be Umbridge but that's ok. You didn't say how amazing the movie was or was it just ok?

Gregg and Lacey said...

I love it! GO Harry Potter Nerds! I'm for sure one of them. You looked darling even as Professor Umbridge.

Lindsey said...

oh lace, those are pretty funny! Thanks for going it was too much fun!

pinksuedeshoe said...

I seriously LOVE you! This is so great, I just love this post. And that vintage floral bag? Um hello, love!

amanda james said...

you are my hero

chelsea b james said...

You are the coolest

Laura said...

Oh Lacey I'm so proud to call you my friend. I'm so glad you weren't sick so you could go. Mike and I are seeing it tomorrow and I can not wait. Seeing this post got me even more excited. Yay!