First day of Preschool

I knew i would be moving to draper sometime and i really wanted to get Halle into a preschool, and i was thrilled to find out that my friend had an opening in her at home preschool.

 Halle has loved every minute of school.

If any of you know my Halle, she is really shy, well she mostly just doesn't trust people she doesn't know and so she stays quiet and near her mom until she feels comfortable, then she is the wild and crazy Halle I know. Anyway i was a little nervous to drop her off for her frist day, but she walked right in, hung her little bag up and didn't look back. I was so proud of her. i was the one that was begging for a hug and kiss. my little Halle is growing up. Love her!

And on another random note. We were at Target a while ago and the kids tried on these rocket costumes. Halle and I were laughing so hard,  especially when Miller put his on backwards.  It reminded me of when i was in DC at Busch Gardens and bought that huge foam cowboy hat. I laughed so hard and so much that day! 


Lacey said...

Go Halle! I can't believe she's so big. Those rocket costumes are hilarious. I live their little faces poking out.

chelsea b james said...

they are so cute! can't believe how big your little nuggets are getting. i got a little choked up reading your comment you wrote on my blog. It was the nicest thing ever and it boosted my little lemon spirits.

Laura said...

I'm so glad Halle is doing so well with preschool! She's such a cute girl. I love how you were the one who had a harder time saying goodbye. I guess it's a good thing but you want them to miss you just a little right?

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me you bought those rocket costumes. I laughed out loud looking at the pictures. Hilarious.

I miss seeing you and running. We need to chat soon.

Lindsey said...

So precious Lace, I'm glad Halle loves school although it's kind of crazy that she is that old! Those rocket pictures are too cute and funny!