Picture post

Russ was going through some random CD's and found some photos from a cruise we went on a couple of  months after we got married. I LOVE this photo and am so glad he found it. I just wanted to share. 

We moved. We are in our cute little house Russ bought and proposed to me in those 6(ish) years ago. The kids had a hard time transitioning for the first week. Miller kept asking where Grammy was. I was wondering where she was too. I still miss having my mom so close. We call each other almost every day, which was never the case before. This pic was when we picked some flowers from our garden and the kids wanted to show Papa. I love Miller's cheesy smile.

Halle's Preschool went to a pumpkin patch for a field trip and Miller and i got to go too. It was so fun, the kids loved it.

This was the shirt i made to wear at my friends Halloween party. About 20 minutes after i made it Halle stuck a wire in a socket and burned her hands. I thought the T-shirt was pretty cute.

This is Halle in her halloween costume, and with her bandaged burned hands. Poor girl. She was Ruby of Max and Ruby.

Anyway. i have been super tired and thus lazy, so i haven't been keeping up on the blog. I guess these random posts are fine, most people just like seeing pictures anyway. :)


lauren ann said...

1- love the pic of you and russ
2- want to see pix of your new/old pad
3-poor Halle!!

hope you and that growing belly are doing well!

Lani said...

cute pictures! ah those carefree days before you had kids right....you both look so well rested

Lindsey said...

that picture from the cruise is amazing, who took it? I still can't get over how scary that must have been with Halle, poor little lamb

Laura said...

I forgot to comment on this post. So sorry.

Lacey I love, love, love that picture of you and Russ. That needs to be enlarged and framed in your new house! It's gorgeous of you and so sweet of Russ.

I've been thinking of you and your BABIES. Hope you are doing well friend.