Christmas 2011

I hope you all had a fabulous december. I know i did. These pictures aren't in order, but here we go. 

Christmas day was spent at my sister and brother in law's with all of the Pages. We ate, we played and opened presents, it was a good day. Best presents were these adorable masks and cape's made by Aunt Deni. My kids had been wearing them ever since. THANK YOU DENI!!!

For Christmas Miller got die cast Mater, Lightning McQueen and Finn McMissile cars. It was the best day of his life, he hasn't been napping since because he just wants to play with his cars all the time. My mom gave them to him, i am grateful but wish he never got them, he seriously won't nap. 

Halle fell asleep on me it was really sweet, doesn't happen, so russ had to snap a photo. it was about 4 in the afternoon too.

Miller and his cars, he loves them, seriously he tells me, "i love my cars"

Halle got some Calico Critters, she loves them too, but not as much as Miller loves his cars.

Here are Halle and Miller in their mask and cape. We told them to pose like super heroes, this is what they came up with. My kids are cute.

The park by my house is so awesome. They lit up a bunch of the trees so we didn't have to go all the way downtown to see Temple square. The kids loved it. we went a couple of times and they were in heaven.

We went to my sisters to make gingerbread houses out of graham crackers. It was fun to be with everyone and the kids got to eat tons of candy.

I love this one of Crew, he looks like such a tough guy.

Christmas Eve was spent at my parents. We ate home made cafe rio, and the kids opened presents from my mom. She said, i think i went a little over board this year. It was fun and the kids were in heaven. Here is Halle and Laina, best buddies in their christmas jammies.

All the grandkids, we will be adding at least 3 more next year, my 2 and Lisa announced she is pregnant with her 5th!!!

This was Miller opening his cars, he was speechless and just kept saying, "oh, oh, oh."

Miller sure loves his papa. He just cuddles all the time. 

This is christmas morning. Halle woke up before Miller so she organized all the gifts. She was so excited, she told me, "i think santa is real" it was so cute.

opening gifts. Miller just wanted to play with the cars he got the night before.

Is he not the cutest thing ever, look at those eyes.

And this is what i got, a new camera, it was a surprise, as you can see on my face. 


heidikins said...

What a great Christmas!! I love all these pics, and you will *LOVE* your new camera! I have really had a lot of fun with mine. Picturline (in SLC and Draper) has some classes to teach you how to use an SLR and I loved taking those. They helped a lot. :)


chelsea b james said...

meeeeeerrrrrrry xmas! i cant believe how big your kiddos are getting. you lucky fool- yipee on the camera

Sarah M said...

lace! looking at your picture I thought... "lacey totally got a new camera". And you did! Hooray! You've wanted one forever! Plus, your kids are SO CUTE. That Miller. Heart Breaker.

Laura said...

Love the picture of you that's really close up. You're so pretty my friend.
Yay for the nice camera. You'll love it.
MIller is so so so cute. I can't wait for him and Charlotte to get married.

Lindsey said...

so cute, it was so so so great to see you guys over the break! we miss you already :) play hide and go seek with those kiddies for me and give them lots of kisses

The Speres said...

Sounds like a great Christmas. Looking at those pics, I thought...how did she get such amazing pictures? What an awesome camera...you lucky duck! You'll need it with two more adorably cute kiddos coming your way this year!
And seriously, that picture of Miller with his cars is so freaking cute.