Ok so i feel like my belly is getting bigger and i don't really know if it is growing at a normal "twins" pace. So last night i looked up some photos of women at 25 weeks with twins and i got more then i was ready for.
so here is my picture at 25 weeks with twins

and here are a couple i found online that seemed about right and about where i am. 

And then i saw these pictures of women 36 weeks pregnant with twins, and about shiz a brick!

am i going to look like that???

Oh.  My.  Gosh.  I am.

That first one still gives me chills.

anyway i just had to share. I have been thinking a lot lately about how rough these next couple of months will be. I am a nesting fool and trying to get everything done before i look like a freak of nature and can't do anything. :(

OH and if you have any suggestions for names, feel free to share, i just feel like nothing is good enough for my babes.


Amber said...

Oh for crying out loud don't look ONLINE!!! Just call me and I'll tell you that you look perfectly normal and even cute at 25 weeks...I'm sure half of those pictures aren't even real. Yikes!!

Melanie said...

are those photos real? Maybe they are having twins. That seems insane!! I can see why you are freaking out but I bet those are extreme cases.

Names I like right now" Cooper, Honor, Amelia, Jake, Dane, Cecily, Penelope, Adeline, Anna

Sarah M said...

Lacey! My thoughts go out to you. :) I think you look great but I can see where your coming from... "oh my gosh what's going to happen to me!"
we started looking at the meaning of names, i connected to them a little more through that.
good luck! i'm so stoked for you!

Lani said...

um yeah Yikes! I am not sure what is going to happen but it will be ok. I love ya sister and I am here for you if you need help nesting and what not. Let me know. Names that I like are: Sophie, Tucker, Lucy, and Luke. Pretty standard really but there you go! I'm sure that didn't help but you never know.

Lilianne said...

Oh, Lace. You are so funny! I would definitely shiz a brick if I had any anticipation of becoming that big with twins! You can do it and you'll always look as beautiful as ever - because when have you ever looked anything but? Love you to pieces and am so excited for you!!

The Speres said...

I would shiz a brick for sure. haha. But you look awesome, Lacey. Really, you do. Hope you're feeling well, too.

pinksuedeshoe said...

So don't wear a bikini and you won't look nearly so big. For reals. Wear a shirt and it will take 4 weeks off at least. Maybe 6. :) And remember that some women look 36 weeks twin pregnant when they are 36 weeks uno pregnant. You never know what your body will do. And thankfully you won't have to stay that way :) But if you are worried about it, get your twinner maternity pics done at like 30 weeks. Also, please don't give your kids matching or "twin" names. With boy/girl twins it's not as big of a deal I guess, but no "Bryan and Bryanne" or anything lame-o like that :)